How to be owned by an Irish Wolfhound

“However, noble descendant of a fierce fighting father, you are playing tonight with my son by the fire.” (Excerpt from Hound of the Heroes by William Dammarell) One is not so much “owned” by an Irish Wolfhound, as being “owned by” an Irish Wolfhound. I am currently “owned” by two, and would not otherwise. They are typical of their breed […]

Bedroom art with good Feng Shui: selection of suitable images for your bedroom

The bedroom is the place of relaxation, romance and rest. Well designed, the bedroom can inspire couples to feel more romantic and spark their passions. Otherwise, relationships can be reduced to a friendly, not-so-romantic handshake. If bedrooms are a place of activity, such as exercise, work, hobbies, or other interests, then they won’t be the sleeping space they were meant […]

Profitable YouTube Channel Marketing Strategies to Drive Your Online Marketing Results

Nielson Net Ratings reported in 2008 that YouTube has more than 68 million unique visitors per month and has the sixth largest visitor audience in the US (ahead of eBay, Amazon, and Wikipedia). More than 2/3 of the American population over 25 has watched a YouTube video and 91% of users have purchased something online. YouTube represents a very powerful […]

Jay Gatsby in ‘The Great Gatsby’

Jay Gatzby arises from James Gatz’s “platonic conception of himself”. At seventeen, James Gatz sets out to carve out a rich life for himself, away from his parents, who were “jobless and unsuccessful peasants.” After several years of fighting as a military man, sailor, and bond seller, Gatsby finally makes some money. With this money, Gatsby unsuccessfully tries to get […]

Why High Reps Are Better For Quick Weight Gain

Most bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts trying to gain weight quickly are always told that to gain muscle mass they must stick to heavy weights for low repetitions. This weight training myth is because many believe that “low rep heavy weights” are for “size” and “high rep light weights” are for “endurance.” Well, nothing could be further from the truth. In […]