Georgian poetry and James Elroy Flecker

Georgian poets received their name from the reign of King George V, who was crowned in 1910. The first volume of Georgian Poetry appeared in 1912, proposed by Rupert Brooke. Four more volumes were published, the last in 1922, edited by Sir Edward Marsh. Georgians are the poets who wrote the preludes and swan songs before and before the Great […]

Top 7 Easy Tips for Cleaning Your Cutting Board

You should regularly clean and sanitize your plastic and wooden cutting boards, below I’ll give you my best easy tips. Best Easy Tips 1. Vinegar will sanitize. Using water and dishwashing detergent can weaken the wood fibers on the surface of cutting boards and butcher block countertops. To disinfect and clean your wood surfaces, wipe them down with concentrated white […]

The ethics of birthday party invitations

One might think that there is nothing more innocent and free-spirited than the act of extending invitations to a birthday party. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because within the planning of children’s birthday parties and the offering of invitations is a minefield full of ethical obstacles and booby traps. Here are three tips to help you maneuver the […]