Squishies, new fashion for children

Get ready for the new toy craze among children! Squishies are attracting the attention of many young people. While the online game’s counterpart, Sqwishland.com, is skyrocketing to internet fame, vending machine toys are becoming popular too! Grabbing the attention of many children, squishies have invaded vending machines as mini pencil toppers. Encased in little clear plastic balls, these cute pencil […]

Building words in Visaya Part 2

This is the second in a series on vocabulary building. Here we analyze how to derive words from adjective roots. Adjectives are words that describe nouns, that is, things, places, people, events, etc. In Visaya, many words are derived from roots classified as adjectives. Let’s start with the adjective “dako” (big). 1. Dako ang balay. (The house is big.) 2. […]

The media in the twenties

The 1920s saw the beginning of some of our most treasured traditions, like over-the-counter drugs, radio, and billboard advertising. This is one of the many burlesque songs my mother sang to me that typifies the popular attitude towards the issues of the day. billboard song As I was walking down the street, a sign caught my eye. The ads written […]

History of Chinese dwarf hamsters

Chinese dwarf hamsters (or simply Chinese hamsters) are native to southern China and Mongolia. They belong, unlike the other dwarf hamsters, to the genus cricetulo. The full scientific name of him is Cricetulus barabensis griseus. Compared to the other dwarf hamster species, these animals have long, narrow bodies. People who see them for the first time often think they are […]

Why, my aura is dirty?

The question that came to me while explaining to a client that her aura was also being cleansed was: “Why, is it dirty?” I am Usui Reiki Ryoho Shihan (master instructor) and practitioner; some should be within inches of the body of the receiving person or animal before and after a Reiki healing session. Removing any disharmonious vibrations that may […]

6 important steps before implementing equipment maintenance management software

We all know that having equipment maintenance management software is essential within our company for cost reduction, savings, asset availability and even the cars we own. You will learn how to apply maintenance effectively with or without the power of equipment maintenance management software. You will need Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. To get started, create a folder on your […]