The thrill of outdoor adventure sports. Most of them defy death and show an absolute risk image where people show a lot of animosity. Despite the animosity, extreme adventure sports have been gaining popularity around the world. More and more people find themselves in these activities due to a very natural human trait: curiosity. Find out why others can do it and you can’t. Focus on any fears you may have that prevent you from discovering what it is like to participate in such activities. The good thing about adventure sports is that there is always a platform to start from and this starting point is bungee jumping. The following 7 reasons make bungee jumping the best adventure sport for budding adrenaline junkies and outright enthusiasts.

1. It is an excellent beginner sport for extreme amateurs. Very little training and know-how is required. Newbies to the sport don’t need to buy their own gear, plus the right locations are spread all over the world, making it super easy to find.

2. It is safer than it seems. Jumping off a platform that’s over 100 feet high with only a bungee cord attached to your ankles isn’t exactly a daily grind and would certainly seem very dangerous. Once you know the sport, you will realize the intense maintenance that bungee jumping equipment goes through. The training that facilitators have and the extensive accreditation that must be obtained before they can even talk about bungy. A bungy jump is mostly seen as a carefree act of freeing the soul from deep-seated fears, chronic stress, or just a madman’s notion of fun. The crux of the procedure to ensure a jumper’s safety is often hidden behind the swinging people, jumpers screaming and rejoicing jump after jump. If the safety of this activity is the question of the day, just think that bungee jumping has come a long way and throughout its journey, safety has always been the priority.

3. A bungy in many ways. Bungee jumping has been on the market for so long that improvisations have been created in the jump to provide more relaxation and more excitement. To date, variations range from the traditional ankle bungy jump to bungy trampoline and bungy rocket where the participant is catapulted from the ground and twin towers.

4. A bungy for all occasions. This is a great adventure sport because you can encourage your friends to share the experience with you. Desperate for your best friend to join you? Then you can give them an adventure similar to yours as a gift! Something they cannot refuse and they will thank you for a long time.

5. Standalone or combined with other extreme sports, bungee jumping is sure to give you an extreme atmosphere that will keep you pumped for weeks!

6. The view to an emotion. Bungee jumping involves great heights that cause two things, fear and a spectacular view of the surroundings. One complements the other as some people use the spectacular views as a means of allaying the fear of falling.

7. A repeated performance. Unlike most extreme sports on the market, bungee jumping allows you to do one jump after another. Some providers even have the option to promote their game by upgrading a simple jump to a more complex and extreme one.

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