From July 27 to August 12, the 2012 Summer Olympics will take place in London, England, making London the first city to host the Games three times.

It’s certainly an honor for the city, but what does it mean for Londoners? With so many people coming to the city, we have to ask ourselves: “Will we be safe during the London Olympics?”

the places

While it is true that Olympic visitors will by no means be limited to watching the games, with all the other wonderful sights that London has to offer, it is also assumed that the largest concentration of crowds will be at the venues of the events. olympic

Naturally, these areas will present the greatest security risks:

· The Olympic Zone.The opening and closing ceremonies will take place in the Olympic Stadium. Other sports that will be played in this area are athletics, fencing, handball and modern pentathlon (fencing), cycling (BMX and track), field hockey, pool sports, basketball and handball.

· The River Zone.This includes four locations in the Thames Gateway area. Sports played here include boxing, wrestling, fencing, martial arts, table tennis, weightlifting, equestrian, modern pentathlon (horse riding, running, shooting), basketball and gymnastics. .

· The Central Zone,whose venues are spread across west and central London, including Hyde Park, Wembley Stadium and Regent’s Park, will feature tennis, volleyball, triathlon (swimming), archery, marathon running, road cycling, badminton, gymnastics , archery and football

· Outside of Greater London. These venues include Dorney Lake for rowing and canoeing, Hadleigh Farm for mountain biking, Lee Valley White Water Center for slalom canoeing, Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy for sailing, and Brands Hatch for Paralympic road cycling.


When it comes to crowds, we don’t just have to worry about the places themselves. People will need a way to get from here to there.

When we bid to host this Olympic event in London, the city’s public transport system received a poor score in the International Olympic Committee’s assessment.

It was assumed, but not guaranteed, that shipping conditions would improve in time for the Games. The East and North London lines, as well as the Docklands Light Railway, will be upgraded and extended. There is also the highly touted Olympic javelin serve.

But it remains to be seen how enough all these improvements will be when the Olympic crowds arrive.


With that said, here are some safety precautions to take if you plan to watch the London Olympics:

· Keep your bags closed. Avoid taking out valuables like your MP3 player, mobile phone or wallet.

· If you find an unattended bag or package, report it to the police immediately. Do the same if you see other suspicious activity.

· Do not use headphones during transportation. These restrict your hearing and can slow your reaction to sudden danger signals.

· If you take your bike, park it properly and keep it closed.

· Do not be tempted to take a minicab without booking, despite the difficulties of transportation. These services are insecure and not insured. There are many reputable London minicabs offering their services, which you can book in advance through licensed operators.

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