Q-Link and science

After trying Q-Link products for myself and my family, I was very excited about the benefits I received from my Q-Link pendant. So excited in fact that I wanted to get involved with the Q-Link Clarus product line and “spread the word” about Q-Link’s claim and my experience of less stress, more energy, greater focus, better well-being and higher levels […]

Bedroom art with good Feng Shui: selection of suitable images for your bedroom

The bedroom is the place of relaxation, romance and rest. Well designed, the bedroom can inspire couples to feel more romantic and spark their passions. Otherwise, relationships can be reduced to a friendly, not-so-romantic handshake. If bedrooms are a place of activity, such as exercise, work, hobbies, or other interests, then they won’t be the sleeping space they were meant […]

Damn good advice

The book under review entitled ‘Damn Good Advice’ written by advertising guru George Lois has been written based on his experience and is therefore worth reading. It is a well known fact that Lois is a supernova, the original Mr Big Idea. Since the 1950s it has had a titanic influence on world culture. He has 120 valuable tips for […]

Why do people fear success?

YouTube seems like the go-to place these days for people seeking overnight fame. Many people confuse being infamous with being famous. They are two drastically different things. However, very few of those who decide to jump onto YouTube seem to have any real talent. So why don’t talented people seek this platform to showcase their talents? For many, the reasons […]

Songwriting Tips, Part 2

So, part 1 of ‘Tips for Songwriting’ showed you that exposure to music influences your composition. Here are some other songwriting tips that you can develop as a songwriter. The second of the songwriting tips is … Learn to play other songs I can honestly say that I couldn’t write my songs if I had never learned the melodies that […]

Home Staging is like dancing with the stars

One of my favorite shows is “Dancing with the Stars.” As I watched last week’s episode, I realized that the challenges some of the stars have in learning their dances are similar to the challenges Home Stagers, Realtors, and Home Sellers face when hosting a property. The judge’s criticism of Ty Murray’s dance was that: “He got all the steps, […]

A lesser known migraine trigger

The idea that oranges are considered a possible trigger for migraines has surprised many of us, since orange juice is often considered beneficial in our diet. Not if you are sensitive to citrus. The citrus food group, which includes fruits like oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits, is a known allergen. Additionally, a large amount of commercial orange juice is squeezed […]