"The inventor of the modern world" Book Review

Thomas Edison was an inventor of electricity, sound, and movies. He had a brilliant mind that never stopped. He lived a fascinating life and partnered with other brilliant minds to create precursors to the modern conveniences we enjoy today. The history of his work is fascinating. However, the parts that saddened me were the animal experiments that I would consider […]

FOSS V FORD – Re-aligning Canadian Automotive History

Inventors can affect generations to come, often changing the way we do things and defining historical eras. Accounts of inventors’ achievements and stories about their lives are kept with interest and for posterity. Historians look for evidence and facts so that the achievements of these inventors are accurately reflected in documents found in libraries, archives, and museums. While we were […]

Ferrari 348 Challenge sports cars / Serie Speciale

The Ferrari 348 Challenge: a close look at the performance, technical data, characteristics, rival comparison, history, used prices of this classic sports car. from classic to modern The Ferrari 348 Challenge CAR Ferrari’s 348 Challenge sports car was a one-make racing series, first created in 1993 and aimed at amateur drivers. It was initially established in Europe and, within a […]

Rental of motorhomes, motorhomes and motorhomes: what is the attraction of renting a motorhome?

The desire for a motorhome Traveling in a motorhome gives you an unequaled feeling of freedom. With little effort you can travel to any destination in style and comfort. Enjoying the road is great when you know that everything you need is there with you. You can travel through beautiful landscapes in almost a luxurious armchair. Modern motorhomes are superbly […]

Cars, exotic or erotic?

Unless you live in a third world country or under a rock, everyone knows what a car is. By definition, a car is a road vehicle, usually with four wheels, powered by an external combustion engine and capable of transporting a small number of people. That’s the definition, but as people, we define cars differently. There are three types of […]

The best electric cars for eco-driving

RECHARGE or RENEWABLE POWER is the motto from now on in the car industry, especially car manufacturing houses aim to develop electric cars and take advantage of government subsidies. For example, Mahindra has e2oPlus and eVerito, while Tata Motors plans to launch an electric version of the Nano, as well as working extensively with state-owned Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (ESSL) […]

Confessions of a Safari operator

It’s true, not all safaris work perfectly, gasp! We depend on machines (that is, vehicles) and they are as fallible as humans – another gasp! In August we had a trip that could have been a bit more sedate. And, as I take a deep breath to calm my nerves about sharing a less than perfect safari with the big […]

The Lotus Excel sports car

A review of the Lotus Excel Sports Car, covering the development, important features and technical data of this twenty-seventh model in the Lotus range. In this article, I offer a nostalgic look at the Lotus Excel, one of an elite group of classic cars, which was manufactured during the period from 1982 to 1992. The Lotus Excel sports car was […]

Green cars go festive!

On July 29, everyone can be part of the Green Car and Transportation Festival. From twelve noon to five in the afternoon, people can roam the event area and learn more about how to be green and environmentally friendly. Interested parties can simply travel to Ipswich, Massachusetts City Hall. This green festival would actually be a place for car manufacturers […]