Shooting from moving vehicles and other shooting from moving vehicles

Shots from vehicles and other Driveby’s Ho Hum! Another shooting in Oakland or Chicago or San Jose… We hardly notice them anymore. As tragic as it is for the victims, it is yesterday’s news. Only the big terrorist attacks get a lot of attention. The truth is that drive-by shootings often take place in inner-city neighborhoods that are largely invisible […]

The structure of microcredit and its role in alleviating poverty in Pakistan

Throughout the developing world, millions of people survive by operating microenterprises. These working poor are typically excluded from conventional financing due to selective lending policies. To meet their working capital needs, many turn to conventional financing sources. They have to pay exorbitant interest rates and unpleasant credit conditions that reinforce the cycle of poverty. Microfinance was developed to address this […]

Keyword country review

Keyword Country is a free and unique keyword research tool to find profitable keywords. Just type in a keyword and the keyword country will find plenty of keywords for your SEO, PPC and AdSense campaigns. Keyword Country keeps a close eye on online industries and discovers most keywords even before search engines do. Using KeywordCountry for keyword research is like […]

Humor in animated explanatory videos: purpose and types

Why humor is essential in animated explainer videos Unlike a ‘real’ video format, through which ‘real’ people could represent light plus intense human emotions with equal magnificence, the animated video format could, at best, be used for mock real human emotions, essentially in a fun and happy path. This is mainly because the default and prominent attribute of animation as […]

Stop trying to force feed our children!

Not surprisingly, the American Advertising Federation (AAF) was quick to dispute the findings of a December 2005 Institute of Medicine (IOM) study that found food marketing to be detrimental to our nation’s youth. Exactly how this marketing influences children and youth was the focus of the IOM report Food Marketing to Children and Youth: Threat or Opportunity?, which was the […]