Is a Guinea Pig the Right Pet for You?

Guinea pigs are easy to keep with few special requirements. When thinking about buying a new pet, it’s good to know what kind of care and equipment is needed. This article provides a brief overview of its basic requirements so that you can decide if it is the right pet for you. A guinea pig that is kept alone will […]

The difference between buying and adopting a dog

If you are considering adding a new pet to your family, have you considered visiting your local shelter or pet adoption agency? There are many reasons these locations should be considered before making a pet “purchase.” Here are a few reasons among many. Before you go to your mall’s pet store, take a minute to think about adoption. The most […]

The history of dried meat

Cecina was first introduced by the native tribe of South America (Peru) called Quechua (part of the ancient Inca Empire) in 1550. The product (Ch’arki) was boneless and defatted meat (venison, elk or buffalo) sliced ​​and greased with salt. This meat was rolled on the skin of the animal for 10-12 hours and then dried in the sun or smoked […]

Why do people have aquariums?

Aquariums are truly one of the most unique purchases anyone can make. Like dogs or cats, they transform an owner into a caretaker, someone on whom pets depend for food and care. On the other hand, some people like aquariums for the same reasons that they like an old painting or a TV show – an aquarium can give its […]