Fostering a rescue pug

Pug Rescue Facilities are individuals or organizations that rescue Pugs from less ideal environments. The advantage that Pugs have when they end up in a Pug rescue facility, as opposed to a facility that rescues a variety of crossbred dogs, is that the people who run the facility are experienced in handling Pugs. They know all about the breed’s health […]

Rottweiler puppies: brave and protective but distant

Rottweiler puppies are just like any other pup you see. They are cute, cuddly, and pleasant to hold. However, once these adorable puppies grow into adult dogs, they project a completely different air. A Rottweiler is a very powerful, muscular, and protective dog that is a varied watchdog. Their appearance can strike fear into anyone who encounters one of these […]

Disciplinary bread

An unmistakable fact: my grandmother, Nannie, could make the best Snickerdoodle cookies. Too bad, then, that this isn’t his claim to fame (or infamy) in his little hometown. Because it’s there, in the peaceful agricultural surroundings of California’s San Joaquin Valley, that the sweetest old lady on this side of Pasadena was known for what locals would ridiculously call disciplinary […]

Herbal cure for diabetes in cats and dogs

Natural herbs have been used for centuries to control blood sugar levels in humans, without using insulin. Only recently has diabetes in cats and dogs become a problem due to lack of exercise combined with improper eating habits. Here is my list of four healing herbs that you can use to help your furry diabetic friend. Diabetes in cats and […]

Extra Large Dog Houses for a Saint Bernard

The Swiss Alpine rescue dog also had jobs in the security, herding and hunting industries. Very versatile for a dog that is an extra large breed, the Saint Bernard measures approximately 28 inches at the shoulder and an adult male can weigh 160 to 250 pounds. Therefore, the breed has not only been famous throughout history for their ability to […]