Hero Siege review

Here’s a genre that I really like. You don’t need to solve puzzles or be afraid of getting lost on a big map, you don’t need to fight with complex RPG elements … All you need to do is focus on the carnage! It’s said to be roguelike, but doesn’t it mean turn-based roguelike? Hero Siege is not turn-based, on […]

How to fix Battlefield 4 crashes

A lot of people are experiencing Battlefield 4 crashes since the game was released. If you are experiencing the same problem, you have come to the right place. This article provides a solution to get rid of occasional game-interrupting bugs and crashes. Repair the Punkbuster installation The Punkbuster file is stored in the installation directory. Repair corrupt Punkbuster files. For […]

How to Make a Bottom Fishing Friend Bomb

Every self-respecting sport angler knows that chumming is an extremely effective method of “calling” fish. Throwing away fish food at a regular rate, such as chunky fish, canned corn, or any other fish-palatable ingredient you are looking for, will likely lure them to the source, your boat, or fishing spot. But ordinary chumming is not effective when fishing on bottom […]

AIDS: the “perfect” disease

In their quest to find the coveted cancer vaccines, unscrupulous researchers injected humans with a variety of dangerous viruses and cancer-causing agents. To consider: * Throughout the 1950s, researchers injected human subjects with transplanted cancer cells to see if human tumors were “transmissible.” They were.[1] * In the 1960s, cancer researchers injected people with experimental monkey cancer and tumor viruses […]