The book under review entitled ‘Damn Good Advice’ written by advertising guru George Lois has been written based on his experience and is therefore worth reading.

It is a well known fact that Lois is a supernova, the original Mr Big Idea. Since the 1950s it has had a titanic influence on world culture.

He has 120 valuable tips for leading a creative and successful life.

Lois was born in New York in 1931. He is an advertising legend and the creator of Big Idea advertising.

Lois first wants the leader to identify himself by choosing the type to which he belongs.

There are only four types of people.

1) Very bright, industrious (you are perfect)

2) Very bright, lazy (a fucking shame)

3) stupid, lazy (you’re a wash)

4) stupid, hardworking (you’re dangerous)

He warns us: ‘If you are number 1 or 2, you will get a lot out of this book. If you’re a number 3 or 4, you don’t need to read this book. ‘

Very true.

All the tools in the world are meaningless without an essential idea. So, always look for a great idea. Whatever you want to communicate to the world, it must communicate in a nanosecond. Quote Lincoln who did not have time to contemplate, correct and edit his letter, wrote a very long letter to his friend and expressed his apology citing the above reasons!

Energy begets energy. Playing war games can help you. Sports and the intense intellectualism of the game of chess help fuel and sustain the creative spirit. Lois quotes Thomas Huxley. “The chess board is the world, the pieces are the phenomena of the universe, the rules of the game are what we call the laws of nature.”

Age is not a barrier. Charles Darwin was 50 years old when he wrote The Origin of Species.

At age 52, Ray Kroc founded MacDonald.

ACBhakthivedanta Swami Prabhupada founded the Hare Krishna movement when he was 69 years old, with $ 7 to his name.

It takes a little courage. A great deal of talent is lost in the world for lack of a little courage. Webster’s Dictionary concentrates on the meaning of the word “courage,” marked by a bold resolve to resist the dangerous, alarming, or difficult … a steadfast spirit that faces extreme danger or difficulty without backing down or backing down.

And in his 120th council, he remembers the sufferings of Nelson Mandela. While incarcerated in Robben Island and Pollsmoor prisons for 27 years, he recited Invictus, the iconic poem written in 1875 by English poet William Ernest Henley to his fellow inmates, empowering everyone with his message of self-control. The last four lines of the poem are always worth remembering:

No matter how narrow the door is,

How loaded with punishments the scroll,

I am the mother of my destiny.

I am the captain of my soul.

The book is not just for people in the advertising field, but for everyone.

We can choose the tips that apply to us and customize some of the other tips.

To lead a creative life we ​​need exclusive advice that adapts to the modern world.

Without a doubt, this book will help you.

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