After having children, many women find that they have unwanted problem areas, with accumulated fat on the tummy, hips, and buttocks, or men and women are burdened with a midlife spread, perhaps fat on the back. upper arms or fat bumps on the back than under the bra and some men even have fatty breasts.

A good way to get rid of these unsightly lumps and maintain a slim, healthy-looking body is to undergo vaser lipo, which is a procedure that is ideal for different body types and problem areas of the body.

The most common body areas for vaser lipo are;

  • Waist – Love handles, in both men and women, can be very difficult to remove, but with Vaser, the good elasticity of the skin in the waist area can obtain excellent results with this treatment.
  • Hips – Below the waist and towards the outer area of ​​the lower part is, in many women, a problem area. The hips can gradually merge in the waist area and a broader treatment can shape this area to create a curvy feminine silhouette.
  • Flanks – The flanks also have good skin elasticity. The flank area is in the lower back above the panty line. Vaser treatment on the flanks is usually performed at the same time as the waist, giving a uniform and smooth contour.
  • Chest – Men tend to lose chest muscle mass as they age, resulting in a flabby appearance. Other men suffer from moderate to severe gynecomastia, or man boobs, both of which can easily be treated with vaser lipo.
  • Upper arms – Excess fat and tissue in the upper arms is a common sign of aging. Vaser can give a more youthful appearance by toning the arm area.
  • Lower abdomen – Vaser of the lower abs can result in a firmer and more toned tummy.
  • Upper abdomen – The upper part of the abdomen is the area between the navel and the ribs.
  • Inner thighs – Some women want the inner thigh to prevent their inner thighs from touching when standing.
  • Outer thighs – Generally known as saddlebags, the outer thigh is a common problem area for many women.
  • behind – Known as back fat, bra fat or fat rolls. The back is a great area for lipo vaserine, as the skin in the area is thick and tolerant.
  • Chin / Knees / Neck – Delicate areas can benefit from a precise vaser treatment.

Compared with traditional liposuction;

* Vaser lipo causes minimal damage to the body, vaser probes bypass nerves, blood vessels, and surrounding tissue.

* There is much less bruising and swelling.

* The results are immediate and improve even more during the following months.

* With Vaser, there is 70% less blood loss compared to normal liposuction.

* Vaser treatment is performed under local anesthesia, avoiding possible complications.

* Vaser lipo produces more skin tightening than any other form of liposuction.

* Large, small or multiple areas can be easily targeted during a vaser lipo procedure.

* Fat cells close to the surface of the skin can be easily attacked with Vaser, producing excellent results in delicate areas such as the neck, chin and the back of the knees.

As long as you eat healthy and exercise regularly, a vaser lipo procedure will help you remove unwanted fat from problem areas.

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