Shopping for pet supplies can be an overwhelming experience. Gone are the days when all a dog needed was a bone. Modern pet stores are packed aisle after aisle with eye-catching options. Hidden within that vast selection are a handful of must-have items that every new puppy owner needs. Here are five of them.

1. Adjustable collar and leash

In addition to being a legal requirement in public spaces, a comfortable leash and collar are needed for walking, training, and identification. Since your new best friend will most likely grow up, it is important to find an adjustable collar that attaches quickly and easily to a sturdy leash. When it comes to material, most experts recommend nylon collars. They are generally lighter and less cumbersome than most other options. As for the leash, it is important to buy a shorter one (between 4 and 6 feet) that will keep your pet close during obedience training.

2. Crates, cages or pens

Because they help with house training and behavior problems, many trainers recommend buying some type of crate for a new puppy. Dogs have a natural denning instinct that makes them feel more secure and comfortable in close quarters. As such, a cute cage can be used to establish healthy sleeping patterns early on. The choice of a cage, cage or playpen is up to the individual owner. Because they are often easier to move, many new owners prefer cages to cages or pens.

3. Food and water bowls

From plastic bowls to stainless steel plates and glass bowls, there is no shortage of food and water bowls in stores that sell pet supplies. Because you want your puppy to get into the habit of eating from the same place, it is always a good idea to keep the food and water bowls in the same place in your home. While the choice of material is, again, at the owner’s discretion, it is probably a bad idea to purchase plastic bowls for breeds that are known to chew, such as a Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Shetland Sheepdog, Jack Russell Terrier, Beagle, Siberian husky. , or Shiba Inus.

4. Dog bed

Because puppies are used to sleeping in a warm environment, alongside their mothers and siblings, a new owner will want to recreate this cozy environment. When placed inside a cage, a comfortable and comfortable dog bed can help recreate their natural habitat. Fleece or sheepskin covers, smaller beds and protective beds are designed to keep you warm and comfortable indoors. From inexpensive pillows and cushions to expensive memory foam mattresses, there are many attractive options at your local pet store.

5. Food

Like babies, puppies have unique dietary demands and nutritional needs. To help them grow healthy and strong, you should feed your furry friend a special diet for the first year. Unlike generic dog foods, these food products are often labeled “formulated for puppies” or for “growth and development.”

Shopping for pet supplies is easy if you know what to look for. These five must-have items must be purchased before bringing your new friend home.

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