The main benefit of a homemade colon cleansing recipe is that it is inexpensive. The ease of use of homemade recipes also increases their popularity. The homemade recipe, which I am going to tell you about, involves the use of papaya. Papaya is also known as “paw paw” in some countries. A very powerful enzyme called papain is obtained from papaya. Papain dissolves hardened mucosa and helps flush out toxins. You may be surprised to learn that hardened mucus is the main reason people develop parasites in the gut. When there are parasites in the intestine, it is difficult to dissolve food properly. This, in turn, creates serious health problems. People do not have adequate information on colon cleansing, this results in poor health.

Hardened mucus is also known as a mucoid plague. This mucoid pest must be removed properly. It is medically proven that having even a thin layer of mucoid plague results in a malfunction of the digestive system. You cannot absorb food and nutrients if you have a mucoid infestation. Now the question arises of how this mucosa is created. The mucosa is excreted through the intestine. The purpose of mucous excretion is to protect the intestine from a poor diet. The mucosa hardens if its excretion is continued for a longer period of time. Over time, layers of mucus build up and then these layers harden.

Green papaya is rich in the enzyme papain. This enzyme helps dissolve the hardened layers of mucosa. The reason for the success of this enzyme is that it breaks down proteins, starches and fats in any pH medium; Unlike the body’s own enzymes that only work in a specific PH environment. This is why papain travels through the body and breaks down toxic molecules.

Cleansing the tropical colon with green papaya is done in such a way that you need to mix a small amount of green papaya with other fruits. The amount of green papaya should be about 200 grams and it should be mixed with other fruits and water. This mixture should be used in the morning before eating anything. This really works to cleanse the colon. You should consult with your doctor and seek additional information on colon cleansing.

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