A lot of people are experiencing Battlefield 4 crashes since the game was released. If you are experiencing the same problem, you have come to the right place. This article provides a solution to get rid of occasional game-interrupting bugs and crashes.

Repair the Punkbuster installation

The Punkbuster file is stored in the installation directory. Repair corrupt Punkbuster files.

For Windows 8 and earlier versions:

1. Double-click the My Computer desktop icon.

2. Open the following directory:

C: Program Files (x86) Origin GamesBattlefield 4_InstallerPunkbusterRedist

3. Open the file called PBSVC.EXE

4. Repair the PB installation.

Reinstall Visual C ++ Redistributable

Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable is a component that is used during the game. Corrupt Visual C ++ files cause Battlefield 4 to crash. Reinstall it to fix your problem.

For Windows 8:

1. Press the Windows key, type “Control Panel” in the search box.

2. Click the Applications icon.

3. Click Programs | Uninstall a program.

4. Select “Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable” from the list of programs.

5. Click the “Repair” button.

6. Follow the onscreen wizard. It is mandatory to restart the system.

For older versions of Windows:

1. Click Start | Control Panel.

2. Click Programs | Uninstall a program.

3. Select “Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable”, click the “Change / Remove” button.

4. Select the option “Reinstall / repair the program” and click Next.

5. Follow the setup wizard.

Repair the Windows registry

The Windows Registry contains important game settings and adjustments. You experience crashes due to registry errors.

1. Download and install a system utility software.

2. Start the full scan. Wait until it finishes.

3. Repair all errors.

Change graphics settings

Graphics settings such as streaming resolution and image quality play a critical role during gameplay. Incompatible settings cause the game to stop working.

For Windows 8 and earlier versions:

1. Open Battlefield 4.

2. Press Shift + F1 to open Origin.

3. Click the camera icon | Twitch menu.

4. Log into your Battlefield 4 account.

5. Click Advanced Settings.

6. Reset the graphics quality and transmission resolution.

7. Save your settings and restart the game.

Exclude game files from DEP security feature

DEP stands for Data Execution Prevention. It is a security feature of Microsoft Windows. Fix DEP and Battlefield 4 conflicts by excluding game files as follows:

For Windows 8 and earlier versions:

1. Right-click on the My Computer desktop icon and select Properties.

2. Click Advanced System Settings.

3. Click the Advanced tab, Settings button in the Performance category.

4. Click the Data Execution Prevention tab.

5. Select the option called “Enable DEP for all programs and services except those I select”.

6. Click the Add button, browse the following directory:

C: Program Files (x86) Origin Games Battlefield 4

7. Add all the .EXE files and then click OK twice.

The best way to troubleshoot Battlefield 4 is to use the Battlefield 4 crash repair program. Download the software, start the diagnostic procedure.

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