Jealousy. For some people, the indicators of a jealous personality may already be obvious, but many are quite oblivious to the obvious signs of this feeling. Would you like to know if your man starts acting like a possessively jealous dude?

He is jealous when he gets angry at the stories of your past relationships.

Even though your ex is long gone, your guy is still offended every time you bring up your past relationship with him. For him, he is the current man and past relationships should not be mentioned anymore.

He is jealous when he starts to act possessively in the presence of your friends.

Try to observe how he behaves when you are with your best friends. It doesn’t really matter if your friends are girls or boys (although I would be more jealous when your friends gathered around you). For him, the time you spend with your friends should have been time with him.

He seems threatened when your gaze falls on another man.

If your guy tries to block you with his body so you don’t see Hunk # 1 walking down the street, then you know for sure he’s just too jealous. He is also jealous when he looks at the other boy and tries to convey through his angry look that he already owns you.

He’s the jealous type when he needs to know your location every time.

A guy who is confident in his relationship would need to ask once where he is and that’s it – he wouldn’t harass him with frequent text messages or calls. If your man demands to know where you are every hour, then you definitely have, not just a jealous man, but an overly possessive boy for a boyfriend.

You are jealous when you react negatively to people (mostly men) who say you are attractive.

Instead of feeling good or proud of having a beautiful girlfriend, a jealous guy would get angry at other people who appreciate his beauty. He also doesn’t want to see you mingling with these people, as he sees them as a threat to your isolated little world with him.

He’s jealous when he feels bad because you’re having fun without him.

Of course, you have to spend a few hours away from him, but when he knows that you had fun during his absence, he will make sure that you feel guilty about it.

He’s jealous when he says you don’t prioritize him.

Men are territorial by nature, so when your territory (you) is threatened with being taken away, you automatically retaliate. He also verbalizes his insecurity by saying that you no longer prioritize him.

It is okay for a man to feel a little jealous, but when this feeling turns into possessiveness or even obsession, it is no longer considered healthy, therefore it is your responsibility to get out of the relationship as quickly as you can.

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