Writing a business plan template is very similar to creating a nonprofit business plan. You may not be looking for personal gain or gain when running a nonprofit organization or business, but you still need to come up with a business plan to present to the investors and donors who will fund your organization. Therefore, business managers can still use their skills to create business plan templates for managing non-profit organizations.

Here are the things to include in your nonprofit business plan template:

1. Executive Summary: It will include a short mission and vision statement to inform future investors about the cause you are promoting. This part of your business plan template will also include a description of the board of directors. You should also specify the type and number of employees required for this organization, the location, the sources of funding, and a sample of the market research you conducted. It is very important to get investors’ attention to this part of your plan.

2. Products or services that you offer: In this part, you must explain the types of products and services that you offer. You should mention the goals and objectives of the services. Of course, it is important that they know what they would support if they agreed to fund your nonprofit organization.

3. Management and organization: You should also create an organization chart to introduce investors to the people behind this organization. It is advisable to present profile descriptions for key players such as the CEO and the project manager. It would be easier for investors to trust when they know something about the people behind this project.

4. Marketing strategies: this is a crucial part of your plan. You must clearly explain how you plan to reach your target audience. You should come up with marketing and sales strategies. It is also great to include advertising and public relations plan.

5. Finances: This part is where you should explain how you would get the money for the start-up. You should mention if you are planning to make a loan or if you already have a list of supporters. It would be better if your business plan template includes an annual budget showing expenses and income. You should consult with an accountant or financial expert to ensure that all figures are accurate. Business executives are very particular about numbers, so there should be no discrepancies.

It is very important to make this business plan as detailed and polished as possible to win investors and sponsors for your nonprofit organization. It is essential to show your potential investors that you can run the entire non-profit organization efficiently. It is also best to explain to them the real cause you are supporting for this organization. In other words, you need to be persuasive enough to encourage them to support and fund your organization that aims for a good cause.

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