UK Soul Music Guide 2011

There are a growing number of brilliant artists representing soul music or fusing soul with pop, indie, electronic and funk, creating something refreshing and new. So, I compiled 10 UK artists / bands in 2011; Adele, Clare Maguire, Corinne Bailey Rae, Bluey Robinson, Daley, Joss Stone, Sade, Plan B, Jessie J and Jaynee. Adele Adele, a 22-year-old North Londoner, has […]

The Instagram analytics guide with metrics and insights

Instagram as a social media platform is quite the stir. Image Sharing, Video Sharing, Live Stories, Geolocation, Hashtag Feeding, Multiple Image Posting, DM feature enhancements, Instagram Stories Stickers and Polls and tons of advanced features for the platform added very often to the application. Limited to just being a smartphone app and a simple website, Instagram has become one of […]

Disaster response contingency planning

Inherent in disaster management is developing response and an essential element of response is contingency planning. In general, contingency planning is defined as anticipated emergency preparedness to be followed in an anticipated or eventual disaster, based on risk assessment, availability of human and material resources, community preparedness, capacity to local and international response, etc. That definition sets the frame as […]

5 tips for buying high-quality kitchen furniture

Today, buying the right type of cabinets is an important decision, as there are several species of wood, tons of door styles, and dozens of color combinations. Therefore, it is important that you do your homework before buying the kitchen cabinets you want. In fact, you can buy quality cabinets at various prices. Below are 5 tips that can help […]

A Book Review: Prisoner Of Hope

In September 1940, Jesse L. Miller, a twenty-year-old from Casper, Wyoming, joined the United States Army Air Corps to pursue his chosen photography. For the next five years he experienced some of the most brutal treatment of modern warfare. His is truly a remarkable story. Miller’s book depicts his WWII experiences, including the surprise attack on Clark Field in the […]

Tips for choosing freight forwarders

There are numerous freight forwarding agents in the industry. Make sure you have good criteria as the basis for your selection process. Experience should be your main consideration. Yes, there are many service providers, but forwarding is not an easy job. The industry is just as complicated. This is why you need a highly efficient freight forwarder. Know-how denotes that […]