Change of blues!

If you live in India and don’t have a car or can’t afford to take your car out every day, then you must be used to perennial overcrowding on all modes of public transport in big cities. I’m leaving out the bikers in this realm because in the major cities most of them park theirs near the local train stations […]

The uses of neem oil

Neem oil can naturally heal ailments for many reasons and comes from the neem flower plant. The oil is quite famous in Asian regions due to its cultivation in Asia, which makes it an affordable and useful oil. As I said, it is a natural ailment for many items, but it is also the main ingredient in many cosmetic products. […]

The pros and cons of using a genius cat

A genius cat is definitely a boon for cat lovers. It’s a self-cleaning litter box that can clean itself like a household appliance, flushing your pet’s waste like a toilet. In fact, there are a lot of advantages that this genius of cats can offer, but you should also expect a good number of problems. In this review, let’s take […]

Secret Shoppers Job: Three Questions to Ask Before You Start

A secret shopper job is a great way to earn extra money. A mystery shopper visits retail stores posing as a regular shopper while preparing a report of his experience for a market research firm that has been hired by the observed business. If you’re considering becoming a secret shopper, here are three important questions to ask yourself before applying […]

Whole Smoking Ban Gold “Non-Smoking Sections?” How smoking can ruin your vacation

Resorts are beautiful, when they are well maintained. Good maintenance, especially if the place is “all inclusive”, means, in my humble opinion, a transparent care of many things, which is easily noticed when it is wrong and needs to be fixed. Water, if it cannot be drunk from the tap, is replaced by bottles, maid and bar services can be […]

How to compare broadband deals

With so many UK providers offering multiple options, it can be really hard to choose a broadband package that suits your needs. These are the main factors to consider when buying a home broadband solution. Average broadband download speed Until recently, broadband providers could only advertise their ‘Up to’ speed. However, recent regulation now means they have to display ‘Average […]