Sinks – Materials and Design Ideas

I fondly remember my grandmother’s old cast iron bathroom faucet. It was pure white with two huge sinks. The enamel had started to flake in some places, but it seemed to be worn around the house. Today, there are many more styles of sinks to choose from. The sinks are much more durable and many are made of man-made materials. […]

The definition of offline marketing and how you can use it to improve your online presence

Offline marketing in a nutshell The definition of offline marketing is not difficult to understand as it is the same marketing strategy that was traditionally used before online marketing became mainstream. Before online marketing monopolized the marketing landscape, becoming the main medium used by most companies to promote their products and services, traditional marketing methods were much more prominent and, […]

The most popular Christmas toys of 2008

The 12 best gifts for Christmas 2008 “It has been a challenging year for all companies, but as a retailer I am delighted to see innovation continue to emerge. Even in an economic downturn, children still need exciting and good value toys to entertain and inspire their creativity.” The toys that are predicted to dominate children’s Christmas charts this year […]

Can’t Sell Your Home? Consider this

If you are having trouble selling your home in the current economic downturn, there are options. Many people have had their homes on the market for 6, 7, 8, months or more without any offers. You may have to sell your home due to a job transfer, divorce, an increase in family size, or perhaps your payments are too high […]