Most of the time, you will be taking your pup, perhaps on regular trips to work or on those long trips while on vacation. Sometimes this means being in your friends’ car. It is a very embarrassing experience for you and your puppy when “accidents” happen inside your friends’ car. Apart from this, it is very difficult to clean up the mess that your pup has made inside his own car. That’s why potty training is important for those long or regular trips.

Be sensitive to your puppy’s needs

Potty training your puppy involves listening to what he needs. Accidents that happen inside your car often have a lot to do with trying to be sensitive to your puppy’s needs, especially before the trip. Before taking your dog into your car for the trip, make sure he has plenty of time to go to the bathroom. Even while driving, pay attention to your dog’s whining and other signs of anxiety. Your dog may be giving you signals that he needs to go and it is up to you to read those signs or otherwise have him eliminate in your car.

You have frequent health interruptions

Whenever you and your puppy go on a long trip, remember that the easiest way to prevent your puppy from relieving himself in your car is by giving him frequent health breaks. When potty training your puppy for those long trips, have him associate the act of elimination with getting out of the car, rather than inside. When at a rest stop, let your dog out and go to the bathroom. Make sure they are fed and some water, then plan another stop along the way. Frequent health breaks prevent your dog from relieving himself in your car.

Potty training your puppy through a professional trainer

There are many professional dog training services that will help your puppy develop proper potty skills at home or for those long trips in your car. It is best to request dog training through a referral, such as asking your friends or family to recommend a dog trainer. You can also go online and search for a dog trainer on the Internet. Some local pet stores usually have affiliate trainers, take a look at these as well.

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