This is a great project for young children. Wooden spoons are very cheap to buy (you can buy them at any of the big box supermarkets for 25 cents or less) and you don’t have to spend extra on embellishments if you don’t want to. Most people have scraps of fabric, yarn, odd buttons, aluminum foil, etc., lying around their home that are just as useful for making a wooden spoon puppet as googly eyes, fun foam, and other specialized craft items. .

Will need:

Wooden spoons)


polyvinyl glue

Craft materials for decoration: googley/wiggley eyes, glitter, pom poms, fun foam, pipe cleaners, wool, etc.

First, you will need to paint the wooden spoon and allow it to dry. It should dry very quickly, but if you’re doing this craft project with a particularly impatient toddler, you might want the spoons already painted before you begin.

Next, you or your child must decide on a topic. A simple but effective idea is a farmhouse theme, and the finished puppets can be used to narrate nursery rhymes like Old MacDonald. For a pig or cow, cut out a nose, two ears, and four feet from fun foam. Then glue them on, along with a pair of googly eyes. For the pig, make a twisty tail out of a pink pipe cleaner and glue it to the back of the spoon.

For a rooster, cut two wings and a beak out of fun foam and glue them together, along with two googly eyes. You can use two yellow pom poms for the feet and two red skeleton leaves or colored craft feathers for the plumage on top of the head.

Another easy topic to do with a young child is ‘monsters’. If you cover the spoon with glitter glue, it is very easy for them to glue on sequins, pom-poms, beads, etc., without the help of an adult, so they are much more capable of using their imagination.

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