Are you thinking of renovating your house with more creative things? Are you tired of your worn fabric curtains and no privacy on your windows? Blinds will certainly give your home the modern look you’ve always hoped for. Here are some tips to help you with the purchase and also to make maintenance easier.

Shutters are the cheapest hard window treatments made of wood or metals that offer better privacy compared to other types. There are many types of blinds available in the market. They can be vertical slats, roller type, horizontal Venetian blinds or luxury Roman in terms of the shape of the slats.

They can also be divided into mini, plantation and panel. Maintenance depends mainly on the type of material that it is made of. Shutters are usually made of; wood, hard plastics such as PVS, imitation wood, aluminium, etc.

It is always advisable to choose your window treatment material according to where you plan to install it. For bathrooms and kitchens, especially windows over sinks, it’s best to use a waterproof material, so they won’t be easily damaged by moisture. Always measure your window exactly before purchasing any treatment.

Movable slat shades often come with cords attached, which can cause dangerous damage or injury if left unnoticed. Therefore, they should always be kept on top. There are also chances of dirt getting in between the slats of the blinds, making them difficult to clean. Also, if you have a furry pet, your blinds will probably get furred.

There are some basic steps to follow so that dirt and dust can be removed from these window treatments. First of all, lower them and open them completely to clean the dust, before starting the actual cleaning process; no matter what material it is. Keep the following tips in mind as you consider the actual routine cleaning process.

Regularly dusting your blinds can help keep them cleaner to a greater extent. Dusting can be a bit difficult as the planks are often placed too close to each other. Always use a soft fiber or dusting brush to clean so materials like wood last longer.

Blinds with water-resistant materials or faux wood can be cleaned with chemical solutions if necessary. But always try to avoid highly concentrated abrasive chemicals to maintain the beauty of your slats.

Removable blinds, such as aluminum blinds, are best cleaned by soaking them in a tub of soapy water. Excess powder can be removed with the soft part of a sponge or a soft damp cloth. Finally, the slats can be rinsed to remove all sticky soaps.

The slats that can be washed with soaps must be carefully checked if they are clean or not of residues. They can be air dried and hung from their frames to allow their part to be done.

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