Romantic poems have been written since the late 18th century with pioneers such as William Blake and Wordsworth practicing their craft. Hot on their heels in the next century came Shelley, Keats, and Byron. His poems about love were based on self-expression and individual feeling incorporating feeling.

My first poem focuses on a deep attraction and unbridled desire for a person who remains painfully out of reach.

She smiles with her eyes

Dark and seductive

She smiles with her eyes

I can’t help looking

And fantasize

Her blood red lips

I long to kiss

Lost in her gauze

Eternal happiness

The presence of his mother

Makes my day

Desperately lost

In a beautiful way

The slightest look

Makes my heart beat

Everything is sun and rainbow

When she’s around

Brilliant effortlessly

Like a diamond in the sunlight

I can’t help dreaming

To hold her tight

Dripping with beauty

So easy to adore

I have his friendship

But I long for more

Every rare moment together

It’s mine to cherish

Saving seconds

That in the end they perish

Love her always

Is my destiny

Impossible to fight

I’ll let it be

Trapped in paradise

My future holds no surprise

Because I’m in love

With the woman who smiles with her eyes

My second romantic poem celebrates the glorious wonder of the kiss, the most beautiful act in which humans participate.

The kiss

Heart tip

Gateway to the soul

Lips part

In making us whole

A delicate touch

The most subtle caress

It means a lot

Its heavenly

When desperately in love

They are impossible to ration

Like stars above

Tied with passion

It only takes a moment

But it can last forever

Gloriously powerful

Paradise effort

A wonderful feeling

Magical to find

Heads floating, hearts reeling

Intertwined lovers

Lost in a fantastic reality

Inhabited by two

Far from normal

But deliciously true

Once i finish

It hurts like never before

But the heart is never repaired

If the body yearns for more

No other act

Encapsulate so much beauty

It should never be a matter of fact

Gold fulfilled out of duty

Sometimes so tender

Or delivered with lustful aggression

Recipient or sender

The ultimate expression

Kissing your lover

With raging desire

A feeling like no other

Perpetual fire

In his absence I contemplate

The thrill that I will miss

I will celebrate forever

The majesty of a kiss

Romantic poems are best written from personal experience, and the more honest and sincere the better. Discard your inhibitions and write from the heart. Good luck.

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