On the list of fascinating world destinations, Austria may not be among the most extravagant or immediately memorable. However, the Central European country and its two main cities, Vienna and Salzburg, have a certain kind of quaint and understated charm that, when combined with the country’s historical and cultural heritage, makes the visit worthwhile.

However, what many tourists flying to Austria may not know is that their enjoyment of the country can begin the moment they leave the airport. This is particularly true in Salzburg, where newly arrived visitors can enjoy a number of attractions even before embarking on Salzburg airport transfers that will take them to the city center. In fact, the fun can begin mom moments after getting off the plane, thanks to any of the attractions listed below.

Stock up on brands

Right next to the airport, for example, tourists will find a large shopping center that offers designer clothes at factory prices. While they should be careful not to spend their entire vacation budget on this one spot, designer apparel enthusiasts won’t want to miss out on visiting this outlet first thing in the morning after leaving the plane, making sure their cargo luggage has increased for the moment. They hop on their transfers from Salzburg airport!

A dose of culture

Those less interested in the material aspect of a vacation and more in the cultural aspect will not be left wanting either. Just a mile from the hotels surrounding the airport, almost eliminating the need to use transfers from Salzburg airport to get there, visitors will find a historic hangar that doubles as a museum. Red Bull Hangar-7 is a cultural venue where patrons can dine to the sound of the Prodigal Son Mozart’s symphonies at one of Mozart’s Dinner Concerts. The Stiegl-Brauwelt Brewery and Museum and the Red Bull Arena, home of the city’s soccer team, are also easily accessible from the airport, each located approximately two miles away.

Obviously when you arrive in this beautiful city, your Austrian vacation can begin even before your visitors arrive at your accommodation. Of course, once you get there, plenty of additional landmarks, shops, bars, and restaurants await you, which you won’t want to miss, but these preliminary locations can add a slightly different twist to the vacation, making it even more memorable.

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