BBC’s Americana Podcast

The new America podcast will follow the election in the US. The project is a collaboration between former Newsnight presenter Maitlis and BBC North America Editor Sopel. Episodes will drop weekly, and the frequency of episodes will rise as the campaign moves closer to the November 3 poll. The series is a great addition to the BBC’s growing list of popular podcasts. It’s the perfect way to get in touch with current events, as well as find out about new music and shows.

The BBC’s americana podcast is a fantastic resource for fans of country music. The host, Matt Frei, is a former World Service Radio correspondent and presenter. He hosts the show with fellow BBC World Service radio presenter, Mark Heard in the Backwoods, and interviews artists from all walks of life. Guests include Dr. Jonathan Shay and Amy Dickinson. Another favorite is Jonny Dymond, who speaks with retired Commander Mark Divine and interviews some of Nashville’s biggest names.

Another podcast from the BBC is The Working Song Writer, hosted by Joe Pug. This show is based on interviews with fellow songwriters and producers. Recent guests include Jesse Dayton, Courtney Marie Andrews, and the Birds of Chicago. The host is a great interviewer, and digs deep into his guests’ motivations. This is a must-listen podcast for anyone who loves music.

The BBC’s Americana Podcast and The Working Song Writer

The show is hosted by Matt Frei, a BBC journalist and chief correspondent in the US. His style of interviewing and interrogating guests is both charming and authoritative. He avoids testosterone-fuelled hectoring, and his show is excellent. The Americana podcast is a must-listen for anyone who loves music, or if you want a great listen. These are some of the best podcasts for music lovers.

The Working Song Writer is an interview-based podcast where Joe Pug talks shop with other songwriters. Guest guests include Jesse Dayton, Courtney Marie Andrews, and the Birds of Chicago. The podcast is a good way to hear some great songwriters in your area. Just make sure you listen to all the episodes and check out the artists they’ve invited. You will definitely enjoy this series.

The Working Song Writer is a podcast where Joe Pug talks shop with other musicians. He interviews many artists, including Jesse Dayton, Courtney Marie Andrews, and Birds of Chicago. The show is a great way to discover the motivations of songwriters. The podcast is a good choice for a listen. The working song writer is an excellent podcast. The guests are well-known musicians, and the show is very informative.

BBC Sounds is an internet radio station that features all genres of American roots music. It is cheaper than Spotify and is a great option for listening to the show. It has a wide variety of songs, and is one of the most complete and comprehensive collections of Americana music. Its programming is available on all major internet radio stations. You can also subscribe to BBC podcasts. But make sure you listen to a live stream.

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