There are many problems that one can face when trying to toilet-train their child. The most common of all potty training problems is a child’s resistance to potty training. There are many reasons for such resistance, and as a parent, it is important that you observe your child’s behavior closely to identify the true reason for the resistance. Another reason for such problems is that many parents try to force their children to toilet-learn even before they are ready for it, but in most cases it is the power struggle that leads to resistance. Parents just can’t help but remind the child when to go to the bathroom and when to do other things, yet the child feels that he is old enough to do it on his own. These children avoid going to the bathroom when told to do so, however, if left alone and told to do what they want and when they want, they tend to be more accepting of the idea of ​​using the bathroom to urinate. and poop.

Besides the power struggle, the other major factor that can lead to problems with potty training is the lack of a role model for the child. If you are a single mother raising a child, then it might be a bit difficult for you to get your child to imitate you, therefore it is important that you look for other options that can help your child learn the correct way to use bathroom. . The internet is a great place to find help in this regard, as you can find a number of videos and tutorials that can be of great help, all you need to do is search for the appropriate videos and let your child watch them. You can also find animated videos to serve this purpose. If you find that the child is healthy and happy, but still resists the idea of ​​visiting the bathroom to urinate or defecate, then it is necessary to closely observe any signs of infection in his private parts due to the irritation caused. to infections while urinating can also discourage them from using the bathroom.

Many people find that problems with potty training are not limited to these things and there is enough evidence to show that even constipation or hard stools can also be the reason for a child’s resistance to potty training. . In such cases, it is advisable that you visit a pediatrician and do whatever is necessary to overcome the unpleasant condition. Apart from all these factors, prolonged illness, mental stress due to any drastic change in daily routine or change of caregivers, home or a divorce can also have a detrimental effect on a child and this can also cause training problems. to go to the bathroom. So try to keep things as close to normal as possible. It is also recommended that you keep the child safe from any accidents that may occur in the bathroom, as the child will associate the pain or injury with the visit to the bathroom and may become apprehensive.

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