A genius cat is definitely a boon for cat lovers. It’s a self-cleaning litter box that can clean itself like a household appliance, flushing your pet’s waste like a toilet. In fact, there are a lot of advantages that this genius of cats can offer, but you should also expect a good number of problems. In this review, let’s take a look at the most common problems encountered by users.


1) The package comes with a simple DIY setup for the water supply and power outlet.

2) You can configure it to work in 3 different ways:

a) Automatic cleaning cycle 4 times a day

b) Manual activation via the Start button

c) cat activation

3) Cat Genie uses water and a vet-approved disinfectant to clean herself.

4) It dries after cleaning because it has a built-in dryer.

5) 100% litter free; uses washable granules similar to sand. It’s definitely eco-friendly.


1) You may find it difficult to get your cats to use it. They may still want to use their old litter box since that is where they were used to.

2) The granules can be easily scattered around the house. The washable granules are so light that when your cats get up from the shallow bowl, they can spread all over the floor.

3) It works noisily and needs almost half an hour to finish a cleaning operation.

4) It is quite expensive.

5) It still requires some manual cleaning, especially when your kitty’s poop is too soft. You may not be able to get it out, leaving it with the granules to dry. That will surely give off an unpleasant smell.

It may have a very cool concept and would really save you the hassle of cleaning your pet’s “toilet”, but it still needs some manual intervention to keep it working well. However, it is very likely that the issues cited in the review will be addressed in future versions of the product.

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