What are the primary types of boats available for rental in Greece?

primary types of boats available for rental in Greece

The vast Mediterranean coastline offers a unique experience for sailors to test their skills in the pristine waters of Greece. From first-time sailors looking to explore calm azure waters to experienced mariners seeking exhilarating challenges, each sailing region in Greece offers a tailored experience based on the sailor’s level of expertise.

To choose the best yacht charter for your next Greece trip, consider the duration of your vacation and what type of boat you are interested in Greece rent a boat. If you are planning a short vacation of only a few days, opt for a daily charter such as a motorboat or RIB which provides a speedy yet comfortable way to see all the must-see destinations on your wish list. On the other hand, if you are planning to sail for a week or more, rent a larger vessel like a yacht or catamaran. These bigger vessels provide more room and amenities on board to ensure a relaxing yet enjoyable trip.

If you are new to sailing, we recommend opting for a skippered boat rental. A skipper can help you navigate the waters and find the most spectacular beaches, coves, and secluded anchorages in your area of the Aegean Sea. If you are a more confident sailor, on the other hand, feel free to choose a bareboat boat charter with or without a skipper.

What are the primary types of boats available for rental in Greece?

Choosing the right vessel for your cruise also depends on the weather conditions and the islands you are interested in visiting. The most popular islands like Mykonos, Santorini, and Paros offer a vibrant, sun-soaked experience and are often visited by larger crowds. If you want to avoid crowds, plan your trip for the off-shoulder season of late April to mid-June or October to early November.

Sailing the Ionian Islands is another fantastic option for a Greek boating adventure. The Ionian Islands are home to party hotspots like Kavos on Zakynthos and Corfu town for those that love dancing the night away as well as stunning beaches such as Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia.

rent a boat with a captain allows you to island hop across multiple regions in one trip. Instead of unpacking and packing your bags every time you change locations, you can simply enjoy a relaxing week of island hopping while your skipper takes care of everything else.

The price of a Greece boat rental will vary depending on the time of year, your preferred yacht, and any additional amenities or services you opt for. Typically, you will find the best prices for a yacht rental in Greece during the off-shoulder season of late spring to early fall when the temperatures are cool and crowds are minimal. However, the hottest and busiest sailing months in Greece are during the heart of summer from June to August. To find the most affordable boat rental in Greece, make sure to compare prices from different providers. You should also take into account the cost of flights to and from Athens and Thessaloniki.

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