Valentine’s Day has been called the feminine Christmas for women. It is a day that many men better do the right thing if they know what is good for them. It is one of those days when most women secretly judge how good is the decision they made when choosing their husband, boyfriend or even lover. The bar keeps going up. Now it’s not just about showing romantic ideas, it’s about displaying creative romantic ideas that are unique and personal. Give the cookie cutter, everyone is doing it, the gift is less impressive.

Most men go for the usual roses and chocolate. Naturally, this is one of the most important days for the sale of flowers and sweets. But what most men don’t realize is that most women regard “creativity” as or, in some cases, more important than the gift itself. Women not only love gifts, but they also love creativity, anticipation, mystery, and drama. Why do you think they love soap operas, romance novels, and those gossip magazines and reality shows? So if you can combine all of these elements on your Valentine’s Day, you will give him something that he will never forget.

Here are some tips to help you add more creativity to your Valentine’s Day:

1. Attitude
This is the basis for being more creative on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, most men approach Valentine’s Day as an obligation rather than a celebration. Just by doing this simple change in attitude, you can come up with more creative Valentine’s Day ideas. A positive and cheerful attitude is also one of the best gifts you can give your love. If you are rich in love but not cash, having the right attitude can do wonders to stimulate your creative juices. Believe me, women have fast laser radar and they figure this out in seconds. No matter what gift you give her or where you take her, your attitude is what she will feel and remember the most for the longest.

2. Do something extra
Another way to stand out is to do something extra. Sure you can make the flowers, the sweets and / or the dinner like everyone else. But doing something extra will make you stand out from the crowd and look like a genius. The key is to make sure it’s something that you and your partner only know about, that makes them smile. Think of a “gift that would make her laugh” as something extra. Another gift that you will hold in high regard is a personalized gift. One that no one else has or can obtain.

Relax, this doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. For example, an article with your name on it. A photo of her or of you or the children in it or something like that will warm your heart. Also, don’t forget the power of Valentine’s Day poetry. A simple Valentine’s Day poem never fails. If you can write one, so much the better, but if you can’t find one online, use it on a homemade card. Result, great returns at low cost … if you know what I mean!

3. Give him the gift of anticipation
This is an opportunity that most men miss out on on those special days like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and other romantic occasions. Remember, women love anticipation, suspense, and drama. So give your partner clues, leave clues that pique her curiosity and keep her guessing, anticipating, and wondering.

These are time-tested and tried-and-true ideas that spark the imagination. Remember that whatever gift you give her, your attitude, and how you approach Valentine’s Day will be the most important thing to her in the end.

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