This is an argument that has lasted for centuries. Many marketers believe that one should aim for high-end products that will give you very high commissions. Others say they push low-priced products that give low commissions as they move faster.

Those who endorse high commission products say that you spend about the same time marketing both, yet earn much more.

For a newbie, high commission products (some paying up to $750 per sale) will be pretty unwise. They must first master the art of marketing, and the learning curve usually begins with low-end products.

Many never forget their first sales, which can be from $25 to $40. Mine was $40. Only after you have successfully mastered marketing can they target high-end products.

A product that has low commission payouts with a poor sales page will have poor conversions. However, if you have a great sales page, you will have great conversions with very good profits, even if the commissions are low. The reason is rotation.

Bills more with low-end products than with high-end ones. What about a high value product with high commissions?

Sales may be few, but because commissions are high, monthly income can be substantial.

The secret is to target a product with a very high value for the buyer. If you have a superlative sales page, it will increase conversions. You may need to step up your marketing to achieve sales with higher value products or engage in precise targeting when marketing.

If you decide to market a high-end product, I would advise you to focus a lot of energy on it and perhaps discontinue others to achieve the desired sales.

Also, it will be advisable to market offline, especially in print media with newspapers and magazines with wide coverage. Also, target trade magazines like the Robb Report that cater to the wealthy.

What is essential in marketing high commission products is that they have a high intrinsic value with the many benefits explained.

When I see sales copy of high-end products, the benefits are often a mile long and the benefit can even far exceed the price you are expected to pay.

The very brave and bold tend to go for high commission products, while those who simply want to make a living online, whether it be $100 or $10,000 a month, go for low commission products. The basic thing for them is to make money!

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