Talk about having butterflies in your stomach? Men certainly have them when it comes to the woman he likes! It’s natural to get nervous around the person you want to impress the most! Here are some reasons why a man might get extremely nervous around the woman of his dreams.

He is basically shy and hates to show his feelings openly.
Many men are shy and do not like to show their feelings openly. You feel very vulnerable and think it is “weak” to let your emotions show! That is why they are hard and cold when in fact their hearts have turned to mush at the sight of it!

Her very presence has an effect on him.
As long as he’s with other friends and women, he seems absolutely fine. The moment she enters the room, he feels an adrenaline rush and her very presence has a great effect on him. This is because he is naturally nervous in their company. In his desire to impress her, he does and says the wrong things!

Your nervousness is actually a type of anxiety.
It is a fact that his nervousness is actually anxiety that he feels for the need to please and impress the woman he likes. He is afraid of falling short of her standard or not impressing her so he starts showing off! You might break out in a cold sweat, stutter, and look like a total disaster instead of looking personable, classy, ​​and confident.

He wants to impress her
He knows that to get her, he has to impress her like never before! This puts you under a lot of stress and pressure and makes you very nervous. He wants to be the man she falls in love with. It seems to be a very difficult task to live up to your expectations and therefore you get very nervous in your company.

He notices his imperfections.
Sometimes she intimidates him with her beauty, sensuality, and intelligence! This makes you more aware of your blemishes and flaws. Your self-confidence falters and bends like a reed in the wind! Instead of focusing on his assets and strengths, his flaws could sway him.

He is excited to be around her.
If you are obviously going to be excited to be physically close to the woman you like. Her presence excites him to be around and this kind of nervous energy will be very evident to her. Your body language and the things you say to him will communicate your interest.

He is afraid of being rejected by her.
If you’re feeling insecure and unsure of your feelings for him, it’s natural for you to get nervous around her. He is afraid of being rejected by her and will hesitate to make any move towards her. Until you are sure of your interest, this kind of nervousness will prevail.

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