Property rentals in Panama

Investing in real estate in Panama by renting the properties can be very profitable. However, the laws of leasing real estate are old and confusing for foreigners. Here is a summary of Panama’s leasing laws: The Civil Code of 1917 copied the Spanish Civil Code that regulates the leasing of real estate in rural and urban areas. Private residential properties […]

Nvidia Geforce GTX480 Launch

Graphics card giant Nvidia has had a rough time of late. After dominating the market in the past with their blockbuster Geforce 8800 series, they arguably rested on their laurels as their main market rival AMD failed, unable to compete with Nvidia on both price and performance. In the last two years, the tables have turned and now AMD, with […]

4 Most Valuable 1957-58 Topps NHL Rookie Cards

The four most valuable rookie cards in the 1957-58 Topps hockey card pool feature players entering their third year in the National Hockey League. Because it was Topps’ first set from 1954-55 and Parkhurst was also empty of a set in 1956-57, several players were photographed on cardboard for the first time. The 1957-58 Topps game consists of 66 hockey […]

Dental phobia versus dental fear

Fear of going to the dentist, more common than many of us believe, affects between 9% and 15% of Richmond dental patients. In fact, many claim that they avoid visiting the dentist because of this fear or anxiety. They often exaggerate their concerns through a feeling of anxiety about an upcoming visit to the dentist. Richmond cosmetic dentistry professionals believe […]

Aerial advertising: is it worth it or is it a waste of money?

Business owners would think about cost thousands of times before opting for any approach to their advertising. It’s a smart approach as consumer responses mostly depend on how you advertise your brand. This article will help you decide whether aerial advertising is worth your money or not. What is aerial advertising or airplane banner marketing? It is the process of […]