Revenue-Based Financing for Technology Companies with No Tangible Assets

WHAT IS INCOME-BASED FINANCING? Revenue-Based Financing (RBF), also known as Royalty-Based Financing, is a unique form of financing provided by RBF investors to small and medium-sized businesses in exchange for an agreed percentage of a company’s gross revenue. The capital provider receives monthly payments until its invested capital is repaid, along with a multiple of that invested capital. Mutual funds […]

Avoid dealer status when changing house

Any investor who sells more than one or two properties a year will find themselves in trouble with the IRS qualifying them with “dealer status” for tax purposes. This is extremely dangerous stuff. Dealers, like real estate agents, are considered self-employed and are subject to the 15.3% self-employment tax. Worse yet, a dealer can’t pay taxes in installments when he […]

Book Summary: Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver – Written by Michael Maloney

This is a great educational book on real money. Mike reviews sound money principles that have endured throughout human history. One thing is consistent and that is that gold and silver are real money. In today’s world of fiat currencies, gold and silver are tools you can use to preserve and protect your wealth. Mike goes over the differences between […]

How to save a lot of money when investing in houses that need fixing! 5 tips to learn how to make repairs

Let your knowledge of investment property repair grow like plants in a garden. Follow my advice and you will be prepared to respond to any problem. This is how I learn new skills: Stick to experts like Glue Always be available to help when handymen or contractors are working on the house. Ask questions. Take mental notes on how things […]

Do you have a whole house humidifier? You better have a UV light system too!

Whole house humidifiers and portable room units can be a good way to put needed moisture back into the air in your home, preventing allergy and asthma attacks, and other respiratory problems. Here’s one thing to be careful about, though: Since a whole-house humidifier is adding moisture to the air passing through the ductwork (where mold and bacteria often live), […]