12 Step Quotes and Sayings, XIII

“I learn to stop trying and learn to try something different.” We alcoholics are a stubborn bunch. When I entered the program, there was only one way to do anything: my way. And if that didn’t work, I just tried harder. Driven by a seemingly limitless supply of will of his own, he was convinced that he could and would […]

Need help creating a cleaning checklist for AirBnb and vacation rentals?

Whether you’re renting your home through Airbnb or planning a family reunion at your vacation property, a housekeeping plan is key. Before you pack a suitcase or post a list, your residence needs to be clean, organized, and ready to enjoy. The following is a checklist of must-have cleaning solutions. Cleaning checklist for your Airbnb or vacation home 1. The […]

How to Run Comps on a Wholesale Offer

In real estate investing, your earnings are determined by how you purchase the property. Not so much how much you sell it for. Running comparables is a key component to your success. You need to know the value of the repaired property as well as the properties sale price compared to the subject property in the current market. In today’s […]

Evicting Squatters – Know Your Rights

It’s amazing when it happens. An absentee landlord may not know that someone lives on their property. When a person lives on the property without permission from the property owner, it is known as “squatting.” In some cases, squatters have been known to live in vacant houses and buildings for years before being discovered by the owner. In doing so, […]


On vacation, if you choose to travel by yachting, know that it can offer a lot of fun. In fact, it will be an ideal way to unwind after months of a busy schedule. A day at sea will be an experience you will not forget and the yacht charter will make it that much more special. In this article […]

5 tips for choosing the best solar company

With the rising costs of electricity, many home and business owners are moving to alternative sources of energy to power their homes, businesses, and cars. Last year, the Bay Area’s average monthly electric bill was $ 250 per home. Over the next 25 years, that adds up to nearly $ 150,000 for electricity alone. To ensure that solar energy results […]

Foreclosure – How Long Before I Lose My Home?

Many homeowners have questions about how foreclosure works and how much time they have between when they miss a payment and when the bank actually forecloses. If you’re wondering how long you have before you have to leave, it depends on whether your case will be handled in a judicial foreclosure or a non-judicial foreclosure. Most states allow both, but […]

6 Important Factors to Consider When Getting a Property Management System for Your Hotel

If you think of a hotel as well-oiled machinery, with millions of little pieces that work together to provide a seamless experience, a good Property Management System (PMS) is the heart that keeps the machine running smoothly. From simple check-ins and check-outs to offering sublime experiences based on guest preferences, a good PMS is an integral part of running hotels […]

Buyer’s remedies for a seller’s breach of a property sales contract: a real estate lawyer’s manual

When making a property deal, the seller generally won’t want to back out of the deal. However, the seller could change his mind for reasons such as getting a better offer from someone else, some circumstances that would discourage him from selling the property, or any other fear the seller might have. The course of action available to the buyer […]