Three Challenges Facing Online Tour Operators

Prospective travelers have long had the ability to search, find, and make their basic flight and hotel reservations online. Only recently has it been possible for these same travelers to book their destination products such as sightseeing tours and attraction tickets also online. However, despite this trend, there is still no primary distribution system; which means that most travelers have […]

Understand the operating agreement of a limited liability company

Browse any introductory textbook on economics or corporate finance and you’ll find a section that looks at three legal structures, sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations, under which businesses typically operate. However, these introductory textbooks often exclude a more recent fourth structure, the Limited Liability Company or, for short, the LLC. Limited Liability Company Overview The Limited Liability Company is, in […]

Find homes for sale by owner

Sale by owner or FSBO has long been an option that many people consider when it comes time to sell their home. They do it for various reasons. However, it is usually simply because they are trying to save the expense of hiring a real estate agent. Ideally, this means that owner-sold homes should be even less expensive than others, […]

How to Build a Garage: Save Thousands by Building a DIY Garage vs. Hiring a Contractor

Learning how to build a garage is not as overwhelming as you might expect, well, at least for freestanding structures. Homeowners who build their own garage can save thousands by hiring a builder who, in many cases, will outsource to the same construction crews that you may hire. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, or just thrifty, you can invite friends […]

Fix and Flip: The Real Secret Behind Real Estate Investing Riches

It’s a fact, more millionaires have been made through real estate than any other money-making vehicle. But have you ever wondered how real estate investors make money investing in property? Essentially, there are several ways to make money from real estate. One of the tried and tested strategies is a method affectionately known within real estate investment circles as “fix […]

6 tips for buying a home right now

1. Get pre-approved for a loan. Most sellers require a pre-approval letter along with your written offer. You should have it ready so that when you find the right home there is no delay in receiving your offer. There is a lot of confusion about pre-approved vs. prequalified … even real estate agents sometimes use the terms interchangeably! But pre-approval […]