The Wholeness and the Implicate Order, book by Professor David Bohm and Master Intelligent Plan

INTRODUCTION: Professor David Bohm, (1917-1992) was a renowned scientist. His books on quantum theory were widely acclaimed. He was a close associate of J. Krishnamurti from the early 1960s and was also associated with the Krishnamurti School in Brookwood Park. Professor Bohm and JK used to have regular discussions on various topics in philosophy, the most important being ‘The End […]

Using your dog’s hair

Dog hair (called Chiengora) can be spun, like sheep’s wool, alpaca, or any other animal fiber. The process is the same. Dust and oils can be removed from the spun hair, so there is no “dog smell.” Surprisingly, spun yarn is warmer than wool, easy to care for, and has a fluffy, angora-like texture. Until recently, most dog owners did […]

Melt away your stress with laughter

Laughter can melt away stress like ice cream on a warm summer day. Victor Borge, known as “The Clown Prince of Denmark” was an extraordinary comedian, conductor and pianist. He said: “If I have made a single person dry a tear of laughter, that is my reward.” If you haven’t had a chance to see any of his performances, it’s […]

Ayurvedic point of view: problems and functioning of the liver, spleen and gallbladder

LIVER: Known as “Yakrut” in Ayurveda, the Liver is the largest and one of the most important internal organs, functioning as the body’s chemical factory, regulating the levels of most major chemicals in the blood. It absorbs oxygen and nutrients from the blood and regulates the levels of glucose and amino acids in the blood. It helps break down drugs […]

Unpleasant penis odor? Trichobacteriosis may be the cause

For some men, penis odor is a minor inconvenience; for others, it’s a major issue that affects their self-esteem and has the potential to derail a promising relationship. There are numerous reasons why a man may have penis odor. One of the lesser-known causes is something called trichobacteriosis axillaris, or often just trichobacteriosis. a strange name Trichobacteriosis is a mouthful, […]

10 reasons why digital marketing is important

The world is rapidly becoming computerized. People are constantly expanding electronic substance faster. Organizations and the world, when all is said and done, are beginning to realize the importance of moving forward. And it is essential that the exhibition offices quickly adapt to the new conditions and effectively hire experts in the field of digital marketing. What is Digital Marketing? […]

How to choose the right cabinet hardware

If you want to change the aesthetic of your bathroom or kitchen, you can simply change the cabinet hardware. The reason is that this approach is quite easier, faster and cost effective. In this article, we are going to share with you a couple of simple tips to help you choose the right cabinet hardware. This will help you decide […]