Health and Sugar – Extra Frosting on the Cake

America has a sugar problem, and it’s growing bigger every day. Did you know that it is estimated that one in four people has diabetes or is in a pre-diabetic condition? In 1801, historians estimated that sugar consumption per person was about 8.4 pounds of sugar per year, which translated to about 2.2 teaspoons per day. Current consumption has ballooned […]

A brief history of gymnastics

Gymnastics is an elegant and artistic sport that requires a combination of strength, balance, agility, and muscular coordination, usually performed on specialized apparatus. Gymnasts perform sequences of movements that require flexibility, endurance, and kinesthetic awareness, such as somersaults, handstands, split jumps, aerials, and somersaults. Gymnastics as we know it dates back to ancient Greece. The early Greeks practiced gymnastics to […]

Free Gift Card – How To Get Free Gift Cards Online

Did you know it’s possible to receive free gift cards online, in amounts from $500 to $1,000? I’m not talking about sweepstakes or silly contests. There are secret and little-known ways to receive legitimate gift cards from major retailers, just for taking simple surveys and participating in quality control panels. The reward of these gift cards is 100% guaranteed. There […]

Fair Labor Standards Act: What Employers Need to Know

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938 is a key piece of compensation legislation. Although the FLSA has been around for a long time, it is the most frequently violated employment law. Employers misclassify employees as exempt or do not accurately calculate work time. Misclassifications can lead to serious late payment problems. Incorrect calculation of overtime hours can often […]

The history of wooden toys

Toys have been an important part of childhood since early civilization, and while children today are very different from those of thousands of years ago, many of their favorite toys are similar to those that have been around for centuries. Already in the ancient Greek and Roman empires, children are known to have played with dolls, horses and chariots. The […]

Electric Scooter Parts – Replacing a CDI Module

One of the most common electric scooter parts in need of replacement, the CDI module is as essential to the scooter’s ignition system as the spark plug. Thought of as the brainchild of the brilliant Nikola Tesla, Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI) is the standard system used on most of today’s gasoline-powered scooters, as well as many motorcycles, marine outboards and […]

What an ex-housewife knows about creating an impressive resume that you don’t

I was recently asked to touch up a friend’s resume. His challenge was simple. She was a housewife who hadn’t worked in four years. However, a difficult task, with the information in this section, I generated a list of abilities that she did not know she had. Here is a partial list. (Organized, patient, detail-oriented, energetic, multi-tasking, works well under […]