Tiger Woods Golf 09 PS3 Guide

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 is one of Electronic Arts’ most successful sports simulation franchises. And with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 coming soon, expect more of what this hit golf game has to offer. And with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 on the way, the developers have made some valuable enhancements to game elements to keep the game fresh […]

the experienced widow

Three things I have learned as a result of being widowed twice in my life, once at 27 and the second at 73. 1. Life goes on and although you have wonderful memories that you should treasure, you have to learn to live in the present. 2. Be grateful that you had a partner who appreciated you and tried to […]

Review: Thor: The Dark World

To no one’s surprise, the world of Marvel Comics lives on after The Avengers. This time, the cameras and the story return to the world where Thor resides. It’s called Thor: The Dark World and it catches up with his story while also introducing some new characters who arrive with some bad intentions. It’s a tough battle for Thor, but […]

Why do new affiliates fail to market?

Most affiliates go into affiliate marketing with the mindset of getting money fast in the shortest amount of time. An unwillingness to spend time, effort and invest in marketing tools translates to negative results and having to see them leave the marketing world without getting a penny back. What are some of the main causes of these? Most affiliates tend […]