Compound Nouns – Didactic Nouns

Compound nouns are nouns that have been created by joining two words. There are three types. – United (entrance/bathroom/water park) – Open (post office / real estate / night watchman) – With script (mother-in-law / surprise box) When you’re teaching compound nouns to your students, it makes sense to spend most of your time exploring the joined type. This is […]

Five tips to follow before seeing a sports medicine doctor

Almost all athletes are afraid of seeing an orthopedic surgeon and it is completely understandable. Some may be terrified by the idea of ​​surgery, while others may think that the specialist will prohibit sports or exercise. Unfortunately, however, some injuries do not heal over time and need professional medical help. Before visiting a sports doctor, there are certain necessary tips […]

How to raise smart kids

A child is born with billions of brain cells that need to grow. The brain does not automatically grow with age. It comes from zapping brain cell connections into place. This occurs through the stimulation and exercise that the brain receives. A child’s brain develops its full potential when exposed to rich experiences in early childhood. 1. Make your child […]

Who is the Gerber baby face?

There was always speculation about who is the face of the Gerber baby. Some people still think it’s Humphrey Bogart, Elizabeth Taylor, or Ernest Borgnine when he was a baby. Well, bad news for them because none of the celebrity faces listed above appear on Gerber’s baby food jars. But who is it then? Who is the mysterious boy? The […]

The Song of Heaven – The Story of the Great Christmas Carol "silent Night"

It was a ‘Silent Night’ when this beloved song was first composed. If it weren’t for a broken pipe organ, the world probably wouldn’t have had its most popular Christmas carol. Perhaps it was that very silence that inspired the Reverend Joseph Mohr to pen those now-famous words in 1818. At the time, it was probably sheer desperation rather than […]