Celebrating the moments by pampering your taste buds with Turkish delight

Discovering the popular Turkish souvenir is difficult, some might consider exploring the authentic Turkish breakfast or some might go with a hot cup of Turkish coffee. However, have you heard of something as relaxing as ‘Turkish Delight’ in recent times? Not really, I think. You might be wondering what it is, but the sound of the phrase itself is so […]

Teaching Children to Read and Spell: Learning Objectives for Teaching the First Six Sounds

When teaching children to read and spell in the early years, the most effective method, as recommended by all government reports for the past decade, is a “systematic phonetics” approach combined with combined activities to promote phonological awareness. If parents are teaching their own children to read, write, and spell at home, they can choose a “group of early speech […]

Tips to increase height

The soul is beyond the body and therefore, from this perspective, it does not matter how tall or short a person is. The true height of a person is his character and his deeds. However, height is a natural human ambition. I agree that in today’s context it is partly due to the glamor associated with tall stature. If that […]

Traveling with audio books

I am an audiobook user and I consider time travel to be dead or unproductive time and I try to make good use of it by listening to and learning from audiobooks. On a recent three-week visit to the UK, I had to visit several people across the country and spent many hours in the car. To get to the […]

Easter blessings

We are all on the threshold of one of the most recognized Christian celebrations of the year. For some people, Easter is just a long weekend. Schools, on the other hand, generally plan a week-long break for children. For others, the observance of Easter spans several weeks with specific parts that include Lent, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Pentecost. Devout […]