Are esports really sports?

Competitive games have long been around on the PC with professional Starcraft leagues or tournaments for games like Quake and Counter-Strike. The Xbox 360 has made competitive gaming much more popular in recent years with the Major League Gaming professional game console league, or MLG for short, and many gamers have started to classify it as a sport. Even sports […]

What is an AC adapter?

He uses them every day on his laptop; you use them on your mobile phone and even on your printer and other network devices. But what exactly are they and why do you need them? Why can’t I just plug my laptop directly into the power outlet? Why does he have to have this extra device that I keep dragging […]

8 benefits of playing video games

Since the 1970s, video games have become much more ambitious, challenging, and complex. Some people think that these games are a waste of time, which is not true. According to experts, video games have many benefits. Some of them are given below. 1. Better efficiency According to a study by small incision specialists, gamers who played video games for more […]

Monster Freedom PSP Slim and Lite Guide

Here comes a new game looking to be the next craze on Sony’s PSP? Monster Hunter Freedom. Is Sony’s PlayStation Portable the new home of an exciting title? Monster Hunter Freedom. If you’re the type of gamer looking for butt kicks and lots of monster hunting action then you’ve come to the right place. Because it is an RPG, you […]

MSS32 DLL Errors With Call Of Duty Black Ops – How To Fix This Problem

MSS32.dll is a file used by Obligationsand a variety of other Windows games to help process the “Thousands Sound Library”, allowing your system to process important settings and options that allow advanced graphics. We have found that while this sound system is very important, it is responsible for a host of potential problems that will often prevent it from running […]