How to increase your blog traffic faster

Creating a blog and posting on it is not the end of everything. You need to popularize and promote it to get traffic. Whatever you post after working so hard, you need a response from the audience in the form of comments and actions. Here are some ways you can increase traffic to your blog: Know your target audience You […]

Good Writing Bad Writing and Market Forces

What is it that pushes some novels to the top of the commercial bestseller lists while other books wallow in low bestseller rankings? What makes a blockbuster? great writing? Maybe not. A while ago I posted a blog, curtain down, in which I speculated on when and why the author of a thriller series should end it and end it. […]

Majuli Island of northeast India

The incredible northeast corner of India has many hidden treasures in its kitty. The Northeast is a land of mystical peaks, verdant valleys, lush jungles, and diverse and distinct cultures. It is a region of eight lovely states namely Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura and Sikkim. These states are blessed with several unique creations from “Mother Nature”. […]

Try Your Fantasy Nancy Trivia

Do you know Fancy Nancy? Well, if you are a girl between 4 and 6 years old, you surely know who she is. Nancy, the creative brilliance of author Jane O’Connor, is a young woman who loves all things fancy. The original storybook in the series, appropriately titled “Fancy Nancy,” tells the story of Nancy, a tiny girl with curly […]

Green lights are back and better than ever!

RIGID Radiance + SR Series Single Row LED Light Bars 8 backlight options: red, green, blue, light blue, purple, amber, white, or rotating Off-road enthusiasts know the industry leaders in LED light bar performance. RIGID Radiance Series LED lights have been standard in recent years for good reason. Top-of-the-line construction and performance, combined with spectacular design, keep RIGID at the […]

5 Things Network Marketing Really Is

(Pay attention, the money is coming to you now)   Network Marketing REALLY… 1. It’s about changing yourself. You must become a leader if you want to be successful in this industry. Everyone wants and needs someone to follow. we all do. Whether we know the person or not, we’ve all seen or heard of people we want to be […]

Tips for installing Linux on PS3

Did you know that under the hood of your PS3 there are 8 (yes, eight) CPU cores that power your console? While home computers still languish in the dual-core realm, Sony has made a big step forward when it comes to technology. So why not harness all this processing power and turn our humble PS3 into a “supercomputer”? Previously this […]

Set life goals for retirement

“What !?” you exclaim? Goals? I am done with the objectives. Throughout my entire career, I needed to focus on goal setting, so much so that I determined that my The only goal in retirement would be to have no goals! Maybe you need to rethink your strategy. McLain and Lovejoy, in their article, The importance of setting goals for […]