3 Areas to Look for When Choosing the Best 300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

Best 300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training There are many online yoga certification programs out there for you to choose from. These programs range from the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, all the way to the masters. And as always there are a wide variety of offerings. However, if you’re looking for the best one available, it’s going to take […]

Nutrition For Fat Loss: Start Losing Weight With These 8 Simple Nutrition Tips

There is a lot of confusion about how and what to eat in this country. That’s not surprising when you consider that a search for nutrition books on Amazon.com returns more than 50,000 books! Are there really 50,000 ways to eat? Possibly, but my opinion is that effective nutrition programs tend to have more similarities than differences. Let’s put the […]

How far is a 5K race?

Running 5k is becoming a very widespread goal for many beginning runners, it seems to be something that is easy to imagine and for a newbie it is not too overwhelming a prospect. It’s a distance that, with a little consistent training, most people could be able to run without rest in as little as 6 to 8 weeks. Many […]