How to retweet (correctly)

One of the best features of Twitter is the ability to share what others are saying through the ReTweet feature. Retweeting is an integral part of the Twitter experience, but it must be handled properly. Below are some of the most common questions I get about ReTweets and some tips on how to handle them. What is a ReTweet? Repeat […]

What is MRSA?

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a type of bacteria that causes infections in different regions of the body. While most infections caused by MRSA are not that serious, some can be life-threatening because they are not easily treated with antibiotics. Depending on where the infection is, people may have different symptoms. In our body there are different types and strains […]

What is more difficult to master, classical or jazz piano?

Classical pianists face the rigorous task of sight reading. Sight reading includes being completely fluent in the rhythm and melody of the reading. Reading sheet music is probably one of the most arduous and tedious tasks in playing classical music. Because classical music relies almost exclusively on sight-reading music written by earlier master composers such as Mozart, Hadyn, Bartok, Bach, […]

What is the meaning of Monday Blues?

Monday, as you know, is the beginning of the week for almost all workers in many countries. You rest two days and your soul is at peace. Now, once again, you have to get back to the routine. When you are at school, you would have been elated when it was Friday and dreaded the way the clock was ticking […]

Croquet: a gentleman’s sport?

George Gershwin, one of the first geniuses of American music, transformed public opinion into a style of music that until then was mainly found in places as “unrepeatable” as bars and speaking facilities. The uniquely American sounds of early jazz received a wide new audience with the advent of Gershwin’s phenomenal hit orchestration, Rhapsody in Blue. Almost single-handedly, he brought […]

Professor Kingsfield

In the novel The paper chase by John Osborn one of the most important characters was Professor Kingsfield. The setting was the law school and the professor was instrumental in teaching the young students to become good lawyers. The student’s feelings were obviously not a concern to Kingsfield, as his sole goal is to provide the greatest possible value as […]