Change of blues!

If you live in India and don’t have a car or can’t afford to take your car out every day, then you must be used to perennial overcrowding on all modes of public transport in big cities. I’m leaving out the bikers in this realm because in the major cities most of them park theirs near the local train stations […]

4 factors that affect real estate prices

Many factors affect the price a specific home could fetch, if offered for sale, on the real estate market. While there are both emotional and logical considerations involved, four specific factors, in general, are the key components, which make the biggest differences, in what price, a specific house, could be obtained and the offers, which will be presented. . While […]

Accident Lawyers – Where To Look

Accidents can happen at any time and to anyone. Serious accidents can not only cripple people for life, but also cause death. Compensation for accident injuries does not compensate for the loss of physical or mental health or life, but it is the legal way to make the authors of the accident pay for their actions. In addition, it helps […]

Interview with author Julia Soplop

Meet Julia Soplop, author of Equus Rising: How the Horse Shaped US History. FQ: Just reading your bio, you’ve spent a lot of time documenting animal behavior around the world. What made the horse such an attractive subject for you? SOPLOP: One thing that fascinates me about the horse is that, unlike most domestic animals, the horse exists as the […]

The Main Techniques for Analyzing Surveys and the Main Advantages and Disadvantages

Four of the main techniques used to analyze surveys are frequencies, cross tabulations, means, and graphs. The techniques and their advantages and disadvantages can be described as follows. Frequencies involve counting the number of instances of the categories for each variable and finding the percentages for each selected category based on the total number of people in the survey or […]

The importance of perseverance

Thomas Edison refused to give up when his first efforts to discover a filament for his incandescent carbon lamp failed. Edison continued his search for it by doing countless experiments with a variety of materials, but all of them failed. With each failure, Edison, perhaps out of sheer frustration, would throw the worthless item out the window until the pile […]