Hockey or hoops?

I don’t know about you, but I miss the good old days. The days when I was young enough to sit and watch sports from the time I got home from school until after the time I got into bed. Or even my college days, where class was optional and pizza was plentiful. He went back and forth from one […]

New Plymouth: a new experience

New Plymouth is the port and main city of the Taranaki region in the North Island of New Zealand. Its position on the west coast of the island allows you to enjoy one of the most spectacular coastal settings in the country. The region is known for its black sand surfing beaches and its abundance of glorious parks and gardens, […]

Great Formspring Designs

One of the most popular new social networking sites today is Formspring. As with any other type of social media page, you’ll want to tailor your page to suit you, and you can do this through a variety of customizable Formspring layouts. There are many different ways to do this with your Formspring page, one of the easiest ways is […]

How to get the best rate on your business mortgage

Commercial mortgage borrowers often ask us how lenders determine the rates they offer on commercial mortgage loans. There are many criteria lenders use to determine rates, but lenders will assess the relative risk of a loan when reviewing a loan application. The lower the risk, the lower the rate. The higher the risk, the higher the rate. It is important […]

Don’t ignore these 6 top tips for writing social media content!

The constantly changing algorithms of social platforms make it much more difficult to engage your readers and prospects with your blogs and social media posts. But, by applying some easy-to-follow, results-oriented writing tips, you can get a better result and engage more people. Check out these 6 exciting social media content writing tips, generate powerful and engaging posts! 1. Research, […]

Guatemala – What to do

People ask me all the time what are the best things to see and do in Guatemala. I made a list and narrowed it down to the top 10 things to see and do, and ranked them by distance from Guatemala City. To maximize your travel time, pick a must-see destination and start branching out to destinations around your chosen […]

Striped Bass Tips for Surf Fishing

Improve your striped bass fishing tactics with the tips in this article. Here are my best tips and information on tackle, gear, bait and techniques for striped bass. Surf fishing for striped bass is a cold water endeavor. They prefer water between 55 and 65 degrees. The surf fishing for these guys ranges from North Carolina to Nova Scotia. In […]