Endangered Species of Baseball – Bunts

His book, Coaching Youth League Baseball, was written by College Hall of Fame coach Skip Bertman in 1975. Much of what he wrote about bunting is ignored today. However, it remains relevant as an example of how the game should be taught and played at all levels of baseball, not trying to catch up when a player reaches the major […]


On July 19, the Boston Globe wrote an article titled “Doing the Right Thing for the Left?” To say that Manny Ramirez is making left field look tough because he’s playing too shallow, allowing too many doubles that haven’t hit the wall, blah blah blah. Don’t the Globe folks have better things to write about now that the Red Sox […]

NFL News and Notes

The New England Patriots continue to lose players on defense, most recently safety Rodney Harrison yesterday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. But true to form, kicker Adam Vinateri makes his big kick (again) with the game on the line. Yes indeed, despite losing key players and both coordinators, Bill Bellichick still puts the pieces together and the Champions move on. Speaking […]

2008 San Diego Chargers Preliminary Report

The San Diego Chargers have greatly improved their game in recent seasons, finishing last year with a solid 11-5 record and a victory in the divisional playoffs. The team’s defense is among the best in the league and has in fact earned first place among many statistical rankings. Will the team improve its record and make it to the Super […]

How Ready is Your Dashboard for Cyberspace?

While cybersecurity is an important topic for boards of directors, it has not always been a priority. Because a major corporation like Equifax had a breach in its IT system, many companies are rethinking how to protect cybersecurity. Boards of directors around the world are examining the Equifax case to determine how to best protect their organizations’ valuable information stored […]

Who were the favorite receivers of the great Archie Manning of the New Orleans Saints?

To most younger soccer fans, Archie Manning is primarily known as the father of current National Football League quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Eli Manning. However, during his day, Archie was a very skilled and very considerate quarterback. He didn’t end up with championships or Super Bowl rings like Peyton and Eli have, but he was always one of the most […]