The monk who owns a Ferrari

I just finished reading ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ … a really inspiring book !!! Reading the book forced me to race my brain to match it with all the daily crisis that I face, personally and professionally – I found instances in the book that I could relate to and the following corrective measures offered by the enlightened […]

Is your password strong enough?

There’s a good reason Netflix warns users to change their passwords. When successful giants like LinkedIn, Google, eHarmony, Yahoo, and many more have struggled with security breaches and cracked passwords, one should seriously consider creating a more secure password. In this new era of cybercrime, no one is safe from potential hacking attacks and keystroke loggers. Typing “wrong” or “don’t […]

The Renault Clio: you can afford French perfection

The Renault Clio, even after almost 3 decades of constant renovations and updates, has helped ensure that this exceptional car remains as fresh to look at as ever. Its worldwide popularity is well earned, and its list of achievements is extensive, including not one, but two victories in the European Car of the Year Competition in 1991 and 2006. In […]

Notable traits of the Virginia long-eared bat

The Virginia big-eared bat is one of three endangered species of bats included in the federal list in Virginia. In fact, it has been categorized as endangered since 1979 by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.There are several interesting facts about the Virginia big-eared bat species, adding more reasons to keep these precious creatures. protected and preserved. Read on to […]

The 7 mistakes all emotionally abused women make

Abused women blame themselves for many things. That is the inevitable consequence of domestic violence. In this article we will focus on just one aspect of domestic violence; that is mental and emotional abuse. Generally, the things that women who have experienced domestic violence blame themselves for fall into one of two categories: things that are not their fault and […]

Spinach the prince of vegetables

Belonging to the hen’s foot family (Amaranthaceae Chenpodiacene), spinach (Spinacia Oleracea) derives its name from the Persian name aspanakh which means green hand which was described by a 12th century Arab Ibn-al Awam as “the prince of vegetables “. author of Kital-al Agriculture (Book of agriculture). It is believed to have originated in Persia, present-day Iran from where it was […]

Why you need to express your emotions

When I was young I was taught that crying was not good. After all, the message was that if you cry too much, “you’re going to get sick.” Crying, especially in public, was definitely bad news. In short, crying, even during grief, was considered a sign of weakness. If you were going to cry, do it in private. Over the […]