Sinks – Materials and Design Ideas

I fondly remember my grandmother’s old cast iron bathroom faucet. It was pure white with two huge sinks. The enamel had started to flake in some places, but it seemed to be worn around the house. Today, there are many more styles of sinks to choose from. The sinks are much more durable and many are made of man-made materials. […]

How to create mood lighting in your dining room

“Ambient lighting” refers to diffuse light that fills a room in general, rather than illuminating particular spaces. Of all the rooms, the dining room is perhaps the most difficult to create mood lighting. Many dining room lighting fixtures are not diffuse and use beams of light instead of sheer curtains. As a result, the dining room light can often be […]

Add style in a colorless kitchen

Simplistic Simplistic designs are just as attractive as these colors now. For example, gray shaker cabinets offer a simple style that will complement a modern look without looking too flashy. Homeowners who want to stick with these colors should go for this style to make a modern kitchen shine more than ever. For inspiration, remember the Shaker movement. That’s when […]

6 great reasons to remodel those kitchen cabinets

Tired of living with an old, outdated kitchen? Perhaps you would like to update your kitchen to speed up the sale of your home. There are many options available when it comes to remodeling your kitchen, including replacing, refinishing, and painting your cabinets. However, I would like to suggest you 6 great reasons to remodel those kitchen cabinets. Affordability: The […]

Cast Stone for fun and profit

As natural stone becomes increasingly scarce and prices rise, cast stone is fast becoming the material of choice for many builders and masons. If you are looking for a way to get a piece of the huge construction market, consider making cast stone. New to this product? Cast stone is a very light and very durable concrete product that is […]

5 steps to a clutter-free garage

Quick tips for garage organization and storage. 1. Move in Thoroughly clean the garage and move it to the driveway or patio. Review each item and decide when was the last time you used it. It is a good idea to organize your articles in 3 groups at this time. Frequently used items should be quickly accessible in the garage […]

How to paint cabinets to make them look antique

Paint your cabinets to look vintage Painted wood is the trend right now in both furniture and cabinets. In fact, chalk paint has become very popular. There are many websites that provide instructions and even instructional videos on how to paint a piece of furniture with chalk paint. The look goes especially well with cottage or shabby chic décor. My […]

7 fatal kitchen utensils

1. Hand towels Hand towels are the most common kitchen item used everywhere. But did you ever think that hand towels could be the dirtiest thing in the whole kitchen? This is because we often tend to use the same towel before hand washing, after hand washing, to clean utensils, or to hold hot utensils. Just read it again and […]