How to light a kitchen, pantry and pantry

The kitchen is a multipurpose space and the lighting must be mainly functional but also decorative. Functional lighting helps the cook see what they are doing when preparing food and helps keep fingers off the knife edge! Kitchen lighting has come a long way and it needs to create ambience in the kitchen as well, as today the kitchen is […]

What are TSG kitchen cabinets?

What is TSG? The Skekia Group, or TSG, is actually a leading manufacturer of wooden kitchen cabinets and vanities. With more than 1000 workers, TSG tends to make each and every effort to offer the best quality wooden kitchen cabinets and cabinets at affordable cost. From its 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility in New Jersey, TSG offers cabinets for RTA […]

How much storage do you need in your kitchen?

It’s time to remodel your kitchen and if you’re like most people, you want your new kitchen to look beautiful but also to function properly. You’ve probably thought about what kind of cabinets, countertops, flooring, lighting, and appliances you want, but this is just the starting point. In order to have a well-designed kitchen that meets the needs of your […]

Asian Walnut Hardwood Floors – Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy

Asian walnut hardwood floors are one of the most unique hardwood species available on the market today. Often referred to as acacia, this walnut hardwood flooring is obviously harvested in Asia. Asian walnut wood flooring has become increasingly popular in recent years. Although oak is still the # 1 seller in hardwood flooring, exotic species like Asian walnut and Brazilian […]

Organize an open house

Homes for sale will receive more offers when an open house is properly organized. The reason this works so well is that by cleaning homeowners’ personal belongings, potential buyers can see their things in homes for sale more easily. To organize a successful open house and receive more offers for the house, there are steps you need to take. Step […]

Wood vs. Metal Filing Cabinet

The metal filing cabinet is among the most in demand when it comes to organization and storage needs. But today, there are even more options, especially when it comes to filing cabinet material. The filing cabinets now come in plastic materials and in genuine wood. Many people are now opting for wood materials for their cabinet, but which one is […]

7 kitchen design ideas

Kitchens have evolved a lot over the years. Once alone in the back of the house, the current kitchen layout takes the kitchen out of the background. The challenge for kitchen design is to create a more open kitchen, which is part of a dining room, family room, or great room. When deciding how to design your kitchen, you need […]