Tips for renovating your kitchen

There are many reasons why you might want to remodel your kitchen, including: there isn’t enough space to cook, you don’t like the decor, you’d like to add new appliances but you don’t have the space, etc. The possibilities when it comes to remodeling your kitchen are practically limitless. You can do a complete renovation, changing the entire layout and […]

garage door

If you’ve ever driven through Levittown, Long Island, you’ve seen the epitome of post-World War II housing. Designed for young parents birthing the baby boomer generation, the Levittown homes were built according to the principles of manufactured housing built for the military, but incorporated the “must haves” of postwar life: large patios, modern appliances, a TV antenna, and other conveniences. […]

Mixing vintage style with urban chic creates a modern retro look

Mixing old styles with newer looks is very “cool” and a popular decorating style today. Phrases like “Urban Chic” or “Fresh Vintage” are used in some circles instead of “retro”. It’s still “retro,” but a different version of the past when shoppers combine “edgy” vintage collectibles with contemporary-style furnishings and decor. Others understand “Urban Chic” a little differently, referring to […]

Decorate your home with clay items

Decorating your home with clay items such as ceramics, terracotta, shells, blue ceramics, is like calling nature into the interiors of your home. Coming in different shapes, colors, and sizes, earthenware not only adds class, but also adds color to the interiors and exteriors of your home. With these ideas you can boast of a home that will become your […]