Secret Shoppers Job: Three Questions to Ask Before You Start

A secret shopper job is a great way to earn extra money. A mystery shopper visits retail stores posing as a regular shopper while preparing a report of his experience for a market research firm that has been hired by the observed business. If you’re considering becoming a secret shopper, here are three important questions to ask yourself before applying […]

Are you a regular or effective flirt?

Do you think people who flirt have higher or lower than average self-esteem? People who flirt habitually tend to have lower than average self-esteem. The important element in this question is the “usual” nature of the flirtation. Some degree of flirtation is desirable, and possibly even necessary, in everyday encounters with members of the opposite sex. When flirting is used […]

‘Natural’ retirement communities: an idea that works

Some retirement communities are planned, others just happen. Urban planners sometimes refer to the latter as NORC – “naturally occurring retirement communities.” They have become an attractive way for seniors to successfully age in place by taking advantage of community support services and volunteer programs. It is estimated that there are thousands of these natural retirement communities in the United […]

Top Rated Antivirus Guide to Choosing the Right Antivirus Solution for Your Home or Small Business

Keeping your personal data 100% these days is very difficult. Even large corporations like Yahoo and Equifax have experienced huge breaches that affected millions of users. How can a private citizen or a small business prevent a cyber security breach from happening? The best thing to do is invest in a top-notch antivirus, ideally one that updates automatically on a […]