The importance of architectural hardware

Architectural hardware has contributed much to any building construction and has had obvious implications and importance in the outcome of an architectural landmark. The importance of hardware in beautifying and restoring any dull home is a well-established fact. However, people were still confused about its implications. The ignorance of the people and the changing trends of modern architecture had contributed […]

Magnetic energy, Lindbergh’s secret

As long as there are more oil discoveries instead of developing and deploying renewable sources of green energy, global warming will be more intense. The quest for more power, control and wealth by current energy conglomerates that continue to use fuel sources from the first and second industrial revolutions has always prevailed. They have always outperformed those seeking renewable green […]

Is the band dead?

Are music and band t-shirts dead? Introduction Fashions come and go by definition, however, there are some clothing items that never completely go out of style. Usually, an innovation emerges or a peripheral trend brings them back to the public’s attention. For example, I’m thinking of blue jeans, which have been an iconic and dominant clothing item for decades, but […]

Caring for your Persian cat’s fur in winter

Being a pet owner comes with a lot of responsibility, and that takes on new levels of self when the pet you choose requires a lot of attention. When it comes to felines, there may be no other breed that requires more time and pampering than the Persian cat. They are beautiful animals, but their fur needs constant attention to […]