Does the cat have your eye?

Cats are cute, especially kittens. Many people keep one or more cats as pets and let them sleep in their rooms at night. To paraphrase Clint Eastwood, you have to ask yourself: do you feel lucky, well, right? You are asleep in bed, lying on your side when your cat jumps and a claw causes a 2-inch laceration on the […]

Dog behavior training: the matchstick trick

The matchstick trick is a strange dog behavior training technique. Every time I suggest it to a client, I usually hear, “You want me to do what?” Although it works. Let me start the hack first, however, with the reasons why you would want to do this trick. The matchstick trick is a method of getting your dog to go […]

Top 5 Benefits of Hospital Billing Outsourcing

In the west, hospitals, independent physicians, and medical billing companies rely heavily on professional medical billing and coding experts. The services of these experts are essential to receive payments from insurance companies and patients in a timely manner. But for a good in-house team of medical coders and billing experts, hospitals would have had to wait months to receive money […]

Dog tear stains aren’t just cosmetic

Dog tear stains are a cosmetic problem, caused by an overflow of tears on the cheeks, which is most obvious in dogs with white coats and other light colors. Tear buildup in facial hair can lead to hair tangling, skin irritation, and possibly infection. Hair can act like a lock, drawing tears from the eye. This can be corrected by […]

Pediatric spay and neuter: the basics

If you have recently adopted a new puppy or kitten, you may have been presented with the option of “pediatric spay / neuter surgery” and you may not be familiar with the process, or even not comfortable with the concept. . We’ve all gotten used to the standard 6-9 month standard for spaying or neutering, and the idea of ​​operating […]

How to choose puppies for sale?

For some people, getting a new puppy is very important, requiring a lot of planning and preparation. Buying puppies for sale meant commitment and if you are someone who cannot commit to even the simple needs of a dog, then don’t think about buying one. However, there are people who are always excited about buying or adopting a dog. There […]

Dog Training: How to Survive Puppy Age

“It was easier to raise my son than to raise this puppy.” I have heard that statement more than once. Working with many puppy owners each year, I can see the frustration on the faces of many of them. Bringing a new puppy home can be a lot of work. Your puppy does not know where to urinate and defecate, […]