The pros and cons of using a genius cat

A genius cat is definitely a boon for cat lovers. It’s a self-cleaning litter box that can clean itself like a household appliance, flushing your pet’s waste like a toilet. In fact, there are a lot of advantages that this genius of cats can offer, but you should also expect a good number of problems. In this review, let’s take […]

Black Dog Trading System

Among the many purposes of using a trading system, the most important ones are that they provide a set of rules and parameters and work on trends, indicate when and when not to make a trade. The black dog trading system is one that has all the basic qualities of a trading system and much more. The key features of […]

Finding Pet-Friendly Colleges and Universities

Here’s some good news for all you pet-loving college students: Pet-friendly colleges and universities are on the rise. There are still plenty of student accommodations today that don’t allow pets, but don’t despair. If you just can’t bear the thought of leaving your beloved pet at home for months at a time while you’re in college, then you should be […]

Pros and cons of using a dog park

A dog playpen or exercise pen is six to eight hinged panels that form a closed ring in which you can place your dog or other types of pets for semi-supervised time, either indoors or outdoors. fresh air. Dog playpens come in different sizes and are constructed of steel wire, similar to wire dog crates, plastic, or a newer emerging […]

Pine cat litter: advantages and disadvantages

Pine Cat Litter is one of the newest litters on the market. Unlike traditional or even newer clay clumping litters, pine litter has its own inherent odor control due to pine’s natural odor-eliminating properties. Therefore, it has become popular among cat owners because it greatly reduces the crate smell inside the home. Many people are initially put off by the […]

College Roommates Part II – Life After Dorms

College Roommates Part II – Life After Dorms Most freshmen entering the university live in dormitories for their first year. In my opinion, this is a wise decision and an excellent opportunity to experience new things. However, not all freshmen live in the dorms. Some move directly into apartments, condos, or houses. In College Roommates Part II, I will talk […]

Unpredictable Aggression in Dogs – Anger Syndrome – A Neurological Disorder

Undoubtedly the most dangerous dog with which a professional trainer can be found is the dog with “Rabies Syndrome”. Let me first warn the reader not to jump to the conclusion that your dog has “Rage Syndrome” if he displays simple, predictable dominance or pain-related aggression. This would in no way imply that the dog has “Rabies Syndrome”. This condition […]