A New Business Guide to Going Green

Many startups are finding that the competition for attention on the web is fierce. And these companies are discovering that by going green, they are demonstrating their corporate responsibility, but they are also discovering that there are economic benefits to going green. So how does a startup go green in a responsible way? Start by doing a little research on […]

3 reasons why watches make great gifts

Showing your appreciation for someone through a gift is a wonderful thing, but it is also difficult. Identifying exactly what they want is not easy, especially when it seems they have everything they want. The latest video games have been played, the latest gadgets enjoy regular use, and their shelves are filled with read or unread novels. However, a new […]

Hike the Rogue River Trail in Oregon

If there is such a thing as magic, it must be found on the spectacular Rogue River hiking event in southern Oregon. Hikers from all over the world come to experience this protected trail … and yet you will rarely see another group of hikers on the trail … true magic. This moderate-difficulty trail hike is unique because over the […]

Why some people run naked at night

As a child, I witnessed nightrunners kicking my mother’s door, throwing sand across the ceiling, making noises outside, and no one was brave enough to tell them to leave. My mother was not bothered, but when I was a child, this terrified me very much. Let me explain what nightrunners are: they are grown men, married to families who decide […]

Do you want to be a pet sitter?

So you love animals and you think it would be great to be a pet sitter so you can take care of cats and dogs every day. While it is fun to take care of different animals all the time, I want you to know what working with pets is all about. There is more than you think. Do not […]

Casinos in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

Modern Isla Verde, Puerto Rico, is the destination of choice for many visitors to the island these days. The area is not only home to several high-end hotels, but is also close to the airport, the lively city of San Juan, and a short drive from major tourist attractions. The area has beautiful beaches, as well as excellent restaurants and […]

Biospheres: reproduction of planet Earth

Dorion Sagan 1990 paperback Biospheres: reproduction of planet Earth (McGraw-Hill Publishing, ISBN 0-553-28883-0) does more than offer a unique insight into the planet’s life support system. It also challenges the traditional view of humanity as the dominant feature of life on Earth. Perhaps that is no less than what should be expected of the offspring of astronomer Carl Sagan and […]