Nvidia Geforce GTX480 Launch

Graphics card giant Nvidia has had a rough time of late. After dominating the market in the past with their blockbuster Geforce 8800 series, they arguably rested on their laurels as their main market rival AMD failed, unable to compete with Nvidia on both price and performance. In the last two years, the tables have turned and now AMD, with […]

Ultimate WAR Online Disciple of Khaine Guide – Hints and Tips on Warhammer Online Khaine Guides

Disciple of Khaine is one of the few races specifically included in the Warhammer Online game and is difficult to find anywhere in the Warhammer Universe. They are the career that is included in the armies of Dark Elves with the role of prototype support in the House of Uthorin. Disciples are considered healing fighters during combat and melee. Avid […]

Classic Game Review: Speculator

“At 6:49 am CST, Hong Kong Gold reports indicate that gold is weaker against the US dollar.” You quickly phone your broker and place an order to sell gold “short” (that is, sell gold you don’t currently have assuming you can buy it at a lower price before you have to “deliver”). In SPECULATOR, you have the opportunity to interpret […]